Alexander Lazarev

Picture of Alexander Lazarev

Date of Birth: 03/01/1938

Age: 73

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Born on January 3, 1938 in Leningrad in the family of the artist. Father - Sergey Lazarev (1899-1984). Mother - Lazarev (Tarasova) Olympics Kuzminichna (1907-1996). Wife - Nemolyaeva Svetlana (. Born 1937), actress Theatre Mayakovsky. Son - Alexander Lazarev (. Born 1967), actor theater "Lenkom" and cinema. Granddaughter - Polina, grandson - Sergey.

Childhood Alexander Lazarev took place in the northern capital - a city forever won a place in his heart. His parents belonged to the first generation of Soviet intellectuals: they do not earn a lot, did not know of the wealth, but buying books, visiting theaters, vaccinated children interested in culture, art taste.

Cloudless childhood Sasha can be called only the first 3 years before the war. Terrible memories left in the memory of life in besieged Leningrad. The bombings, fires, famine. In winter, I had to burn the entire library, his father`s violin ... Then the family moved to Orenburg, where she lived for a few months. Here I was born Sasha`s brother Yuri. Olympics Kuzminichna arranged to work in the officers` mess to somehow feed their children.

The family returned to Leningrad Lazarevs once lifted the blockade - in 1944. A year later, Alexander Lazarev went to 1st class. After school hours, all rebyatnya WWII period assimilated "life lessons" in the yard companies; the entertainment was a little - played siskin, cops and robbers, gang went to the skating rink.

Just before graduation, Alexander thought that he would become an actor. But something acting he felt in himself already: when viewed movies, plays he liked to portray what he saw actor, he tried to penetrate his feelings. After the "Rolling Stone", for example, he went sad, I felt abandoned, lonely. He liked to present himself as a hero of the film "Waterloo Bridge" with Robert Taylor, who he watched dozens of times with the same delight. Reviewed many performances BDT and Comedy Theatre, the most popular in those years.

Firm decision to become an artist came in the 10th grade. After learning about the set of the Leningrad Theatre Institute, Lazarev recorded on the consultation and pass the first round. Meanwhile, in early spring 1955 in Leningrad Commission comes visiting Moscow Art Theatre School, headed by the director of the studio VZ Radomyslenskim. The Commission had to make a selection and wanting to enroll two of them in the studio.

Upon learning of the arrival of the commission, Alexander decided to try his luck at the studio school - before the second round at the Leningrad Theatre Institute was 2 months. As a result, out of a total of no small number of applicants were selected and enrolled in the school-studio 2 entrant - a schoolboy, Alexander Lazarev and demobilized naval officer Anatoly Romashin. The maturity examination Lazarev gave already officially being a student at the school studio.

Autumn Lazarev went to Moscow. Acting classes, for which he got, was very strong, as it became clear over the years - one of the best in the school studio. There learned Innocent V., A. Filozov, E. Lazarev, A. Romashin, T. Lavrov, A. Intercession - all future folk artists and talented Yu Grebenshchikov, who died early. The teachers were EN Mores, AM Karev, as well as great actors MAT - SK Blinnikov, VY Stanitsyn, SS Pilyavskaya, VK Monyukov.

As with most peers and fellow students, student years were happy times for Lazarev life - despite the fact that life in the dormitory of the Ministry of Culture on the street Trifonovskaya was poor and even poor. It was a time of the "thaw", the first attempts to change the public consciousness. Free time oppressed - all lived creative overvoltage, for days vanished in the studio until the morning read poems of Verlaine, Goethe, Okudzhava. The debate, discussion, night vigils in the hostel did not stop. We lived on the principle of a real actor to throw on the altar of art every effort to forget about the fun.

When Lazarus was at the 1st course, a young teacher of school-studio, actor Central Children`s Theater Oleg Efremov created from among graduates of Theatre-Studio of young actors (the future "Contemporary"). Lazarev and his fellow students took active part - dragged the scenery, painted, played bit parts. The performance began at 10 pm, after rehearsals - all this happened in the Moscow Art Theater School. Already dawn, when young actors walk back to the hostel to Trifonovku.

Roles Lazarev in graduation performances were diverse (teachers always try to identify the various aspects of the creative personality of the future actor): Lazarev was Hollywood handsome and in the play T. Rettigana "Lights at the start", and sick elderly Jacob Kolomiytseva in Gorky`s "last", and Nikolai Alexeyevich in the play V. Rozov "page life" ( "Your Way") - in this case the mother played herself Yevgenia Mores.

After Lazarev school studio decides to go to Leningrad. He succeeded in showing love theater comedy, but Nikolay Akimov young artist did not take. "Not liking", - commented with a sigh Now Alexander.

I had to return to Moscow. And soon there was a case that Lazarev said one of the crucial moments of his life. One of his classmate was on display to the NP Okhlopkov and asked her to play along. It should be noted that for the actors who were brought up in the traditions of the Stanislavsky system, Theater Mayakovsky seemed defiant anti-art: Okhlopkov worked without a curtain, the artists had left the auditorium ... This alien aesthetic views of young actors team showing passage of student performance " The last. " Okhlopkov quickly interrupted them and asked Alexander to read excerpts from Pushkin and Mayakovsky, and then offered to study: Germans taken prisoner by our wounded partisan. After Etudes Alexander Lazarev announced that he admitted to the troupe.

With a smile, says Lazarev ice, which met its director Dolgopolsky theater ". If you do not become an actor - not a problem we still need those tall guys - in" Hamlet "nobody peaks bear."

As fate would have it among the young actors, which in that day was looking Okhlopkov was Nemolyaeva and Svetlana - she, too, came only play up to his friend and was also admitted to the theater ...

The newly adopted Lazarev, tall, young, immediately introduced to several roles in "Hamlet." He was Fortinbras, Marcellus, Bernardo, Horatio, King-actor Captain when Fortinbras. Most often Lazarev played in one evening three roles, barely having time to change costume and makeup. The "Bug" he went starring Locksmiths and fire. In "Escape from the night" was a head waiter. For the first six months Lazarev played and Alyosha in the "aristocracy", and Sergey in the play "The gardener and shade", and sweet student bespectacled Kaplina in "Little student" - this was already noticeable work in which Lazarev showed a tendency to the characteristic and comic dash hero.

After performing the role of an electrician Victor Boytsova in the play "Irkutsk Story" based on the play by A. Arbuzov Alexander Lazarev "I became famous." Okhlopkov managed to infiltrate this performance unique energy, completely "give everything" - suffice to say that the director a few days before the premiere took to the hospital. Dance Lazarev Boytsova in one of the central scenes (wedding) was a truly emotional pinnacle of performance. Himself an actor so appreciates the importance of this role in his life: "I was born in this performance, I do not fall in." Irkutsk story "- and I`m not sure what my life would have developed as it has developed to date."

Only 2 months after the premiere of "Irkutsk Story" at Theater poster appears the name of the new play - "A Time to Love." For your character - almost perfect and seemingly malodramatichnogo young man - Lazarev still found alive and interesting bars. Not by chance in his review of the play one of the reviewers wrote the prophetic words: "Lazarev - an actor of great opportunities, yet hidden temperament, it can be interesting to prove themselves in the future."

Meanwhile, "a time to love" came to Lazarev not only on stage but also in the life of: March 27, 1960 it touching romance with Svetlana Nemolyaeva (who love a long time carefully concealed but unsuccessfully) completed the wedding. Feast was modest: L. Valentine, mother Svetlana, cooked grouse, does not consider a delicacy then, just a little drunk - the day was "Irkutsk Story", where the newlyweds had to play almost all the guests ...

Theatrical youth Alexander Lazarev has written a new bright page in his creative biography: he played great naval officer Chasovnikova - human, experiencing painful internal contradictions, in the play "The Ocean" (1961), the play by A. Stein; Jason in "Medea" by Euripides.

Triumphant debut Lazarev in "Irkutsk Story", his role of young heroes, especially Chasovnikova in the "Ocean", attracted the attention of filmmakers. The first work A. Lazarev on the silver screen was the role of Janko in the movie "Free Wind" (1961), is captivating atmosphere of youth and enthusiasm.

In the same year Lazarev first appeared on television in a short film "Time of Revolution" (the tape has not been preserved in the archives), where he played a revolutionary sailor sent to the House of weights and measures to establish a "new time".

In the early 1960s Okhlopkov one after the other includes a repertoire of plays about young people, for young people, which increasingly reveals the opportunities and the talent of Alexander Lazarev: "Modern Boys" Shatrova (Lazarev as hydroelectric Felix builder), " Rhapsody in Blue "by N. Pogodin (continued play" small student "Lazarev - Kaplin)," How are you, boy? " V. Panova (dir E. Zotov,. Lazarev in a cameo Ardent Man), "Dangerous Silence" Veytslera A. and A. Misharin (authors acted in the role of directors, Alexander Lazarev, Alexei played Uralova) and others.

Alexander Lazarev significant role played on the stage of Mayakovsky in the last paper of Okhlopkova Theatre - Performances 1964 "Between the showers", which has been subject to criticism in an editorial in "Pravda" (in wine author and director was charged with the fact that Lenin was shown outside the circle comrades, is communicating with the working people). It was necessary to develop a new version of which was discussed at an open Party meeting. A. Lazarev as thick as the sailor was forced to rebuild the image: a demagogue and a traitor to the plastics and pointed with a sweeping gesture as he was Hushcha in the first edition, was transformed into a man soon lost in the anarchist phraseology, rather than being a staunch enemy of the revolution.

In the play "The Defector" (1964) Lazarev appeared on the scene in the form of a German officer - he played a great lieutenant Walter Schering, who crossed over to the side of the Red Army. According to critics, the game Lazarev in this role differed "intellectuality, variety of colors, the subtlety of the overall picture." Creative satisfaction and audience success brought Lazarus role Bone-Captain in the play "The Aristocrats" by Pogodin. In the play "Death of Tarelkin" (1966), produced by P. Fomenko, who invited seriously ill Okhlopkov, Lazarev played VARRAVIN. The performance was subject to attacks by the ideological criticism that can rightfully be considered its "quality mark".

The first major role in the movie A. Lazarev was connected with the events of the war - he played a commander of the guerrilla unit Fedor in the first domestic ser "Call the fire itself," dir. S. Kolosov. However, the real beginning of his great filmic biography can be considered Yevdokimov role in the film "Once Again About Love" (1968) dir. G. Nathanson.

After the release of the film "Once Again About Love" on the screens of Lazarevo Nathanson said: "I think there was an actor with a great future." The director was not mistaken - the years of successful work in the film Lazarev starred in more than 50 films, many of which deserve our sincere viewers love: "Late Flowers" (1970, Dr. Toporkov), "Demidov" (1983, Peter I of), "Chelyuskinites" (1984, O. Schmidt), "Children of the sun" (1985, vaginitis), "On the main street and Orchestra" (1986), "The village of Stepanchikovo" (1989, Yegor Ilyich Rostand), "Little things of life" (TV series, 1992, the Swedes) and others.

With the advent of the Mayakovsky Theater AA Goncharova in 1967 began a new phase of creativity A. Lazarev. The highlight was the play "Children Vanyushina" on the play by S. Naydenov where Lazarev skillfully played Constantine - the eldest son Vanyushina. Game Lazarev maximum absorbed the semantic content of the performance, showing that the time has passed and comes Vanyushina power Constantine - calculating, cynical, predatory.

Loud triumph of the theater became the first Russian musical (as appears in the playbill) - "Man of La Mancha." After careful consideration and weighing Goncharov suggested that the role of Don Quixote Lazarus, in which the director, by his own admission, he saw "a striking purity, vulnerability, confidence, emotional excitability".

The role of Cervantes - Don Quixote has become a landmark in the work of Alexander Lazarev. Critics said the actor "uncompromising insistence of Don Quixote," his "militant humanity." The skill with which Lazarev performed this role led him to the first row among the artists not only Mayakovsky Theater, but the whole of the national theater. Goncharov said that Don Quixote has become "one of the pinnacles of the actor`s biography of Alexander Lazarev." "Man of La Mancha" - the undoubted victory of A. Lazarev and his partners win Goncharov and his assistants, the victory of the theater. It was unanimously recognized by all critics, theatrical public audience.

In 1977, for the main role in the play "Venceremos!" based on the play G. Borovik A. Lazarev was awarded the USSR State Prize. The actor played subtly painful changes in the heart and outlook of journalist Carlos Blanco, whose life overnight overturn brutal crimes committed in his eyes of the Chilean junta. The prestigious first prize and diploma of the 1st degree and was awarded following a performance of the theater on a contemporary theme - "The long-awaited" A. SALYNSKY. The leading roles are performed by A. Lazarev S. Nemolyaeva first played on the stage of husband and wife.

General KHLUDOV by Lazarev in "Boege" (1978) - is perhaps the most tragic figure is a strong man, strong-willed, but restless, experiencing the drama of discord with themselves and with their conscience. This role is, without a doubt, is one of the most tragic, the most complex and beautiful - at the end of the play KHLUDOV decides to return home, in terrible suspense ...

In 1980 Lazarev played in performances by Gorky`s "The Life of Klim Samghin" (1981, captain), "... And tear the silver cord" A. Kazantsev (1982, writer Pevshin), "Mayakovsky begins" Rozovsky M. (1983 Mayakovsky), "Tomorrow was the war" (1985, Leonid S. Lyubertsy). Again it turns out cooperation with P. Fomenko in "Fruits of Enlightenment" extremely successful (1985, Zvezdintsev). A number of comic images created by Alexander Lazarev, filled up his work in the play "Laughter lobster" (1986, directed by S. Yanshin; Lazarev - Georges Pitou.) And highly successful "Circus" (1988, his directorial debut in the theater of Mayakovsky T. Ahramkovoy ; Lazarev - Lord Clive).

The next performance student Goncharov T. Ahramkovoy - "Valencian madmen" - cemented her comedic line in the repertory, and it culminated in a performance "Joke patron" (1992) with Lazarev in the title role. With all the gaiety of what is happening on the stage created by A. Lazarev image Maecenas it is very complex: in this man felt some mental fatigue, inner emptiness, which he tries to fill sweepstakes and not very imaginative entertainment. Through spiritual formation of his character Lazarev subtly conveys the atmosphere of Russian decadence, pre-war sentiment. Thanks to the brilliant work of the masters of comedy Averchenko live on the stage of the Theatre. Mayakovsky for many years.

Formulation A. Goncharov plays "Victim of the Century" (1994), the play by AN Ostrovsky`s "The Final Sacrifice" - a kind of "dialogue with the times", an attempt to understand what is happening "here and now" the classic material. Work on the show was in the early 1990s, when a sharp burst of socio-political and spiritual crisis in the country: a system of moral values ??was podmyata commercialization of life, the desire to get rich quickly at any cost. Lazarev with incredible comic temperament played in the play Laura Mironych - squandered the merchant with his position inappropriately aplomb. In 1994, this performance Lazarev was awarded the Moscow Prize in literature and art.

The main event of the season in 1995 was the play T. Ahramkovoy "Kin IV" on the play by Alexander Gorin with A. Lazarev in the title role. Dedicated to play vsevremennoy torment relationship of the artist and power, always topical in our country. For his work, the playwright and actor was awarded the most prestigious theater award - "Crystal Turandot". The followed the "Kin IV" performance "plague on both your houses!" (1998), staged as T. Ahramkovoy and also based on the play by G. Gorin, Lazarev played Signor Montague and S. Nemolyaeva - Signor Capulet. In the opinion of critics, the history of relations between the senior Montagues and Capulets "solved the most original and unexpected. Nemolyaeva Lazarev and play love, transformed into hatred, and hatred, until the end and will not win the love."

His 60-year anniversary Lazarev met acknowledged master of the art of acting, one of the luminaries and the most beloved by the public theater and film actors. Today it retains a great creative vitality, playing in his home theater, which is true for more than 40 years (Anuchkina in Gogol`s "Marriage" dir. With Artsibashev in favorite performances "plague on both your houses!", "Kean IV of", "Victim of the century" "Fruits of enlightenment", "Joke patron", "circle", "Laughter lobster"), in the movies, where he participated always mean the appearance on the screen in an interesting way.

Among the cinematic works of A. Lazarev - roles in the films "Call the fire itself" (1964), "Such a long life is short" (1975), "own opinion" (1976), "The Road to Calvary" (1977), "Velvet season "(1978)," Through thorns to the stars "(1980)," The tale told by night "(1981)," Take care of men! " (1982), "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1985), "The Adventures of Quentin Durward, the arrow of the Royal Guard" (1988), "I do not get along" (1989), "Arbat motif" (1990), "Shadow, or maybe all right "(1991)," Being in love "(1992)," Male zigzag "(1992)," The Bremen Town musicians "(2000) and others.

AS Lazarev - People`s Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, member of the Union of theatrical figures (from 1962), the Union of Cinematographers (since 1973), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts (since 2002). He was awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" IV degree, medals for artistic achievements. Its named after a star in the constellation of Capricorn.

He is fond of numismatics (Olympic theme).

Lives and works in Moscow.