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Date of Birth: 07/10/1951

Age: 62

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


In the art of Alexander Knights came very early. For three years he sang on stage his first song "Call me ugly." And in seven years, at a concert was presented as a master of ceremonies of artistic expression - Alexander Knights. As recognized by the actor himself: "It was incredibly funny and great."

At the age of seven Knights first came to the set, and, as he says quite by accident. In the film "Baltic Sky" Sasha portrayed evil Leningrad child - blockade.

"The Republic SHKID"

After the first experience in the cinema several times Sasha starred in episodes, took part in dubbing, while continuing to attend school. I must say that the boy brought a lot of trouble to the teachers. "... I could not stand more than a year and a half due to the fact that I`m crazy hooligans" - he admits

Finally in 1965, on the screens of the country came the picture G. Poloka "SHKID Republic". Fifteen Sasha played the bully in this film "The Mummy" and instantly became a favorite with a huge number of spectators.

The actor says that he is easy to work in this film because his character was close to him:. "All my childhood took place just like my character I was the same as normal a bully, like all the Leningrad children who were presented themselves They grew without supervision. I want to say again, normal hooligans, not bandits, as they say. "


After "SHKID Republic" Steel producers vying to invite Alexander. He soon became the most popular child-actor in the Soviet cinema, playing mostly mischievous, resilient, but malosimpatichnye teenagers.

In 1968, he was lucky to star with Vasily Shukshin in the family drama "Men`s Talk". The film was highly praised - in 1969 at the Venice International Children`s Festival, he was awarded the prize "Silver Minerva." In addition, this film put the friendship of the young actor with an outstanding master.

In 1976, Alexander tried to enter the Film Institute for a course of Lev Alexandrovich Kulidzhanov. Knights :: Alexander recalls, "... I came to act for him in makeup, with a guitar, after some shooting Lev said." Would you like to have to teach me, "I answered honestly that I wanted to study, to have a degree, that I need. school ... "But to learn from Alexander did not work. It was a time when it is especially a lot of filming and training time, he had not.

Return after 10 years

Since the beginning of the 80 Knights, Alexander disappeared from the screens of the country. For almost ten years, he has not starred in a movie, walked away from the profession, lost interest in life.

He returned to the cinema he only in the late 80`s in small roles in the films "In the city of Sochi dark night" and "Operation" Vunderland. "In the early 90s, he has already played more prominent roles in the psychological drama" The Night of suicide, "the television series" The man from the landfill "and the tragicomedy" Cockroach races ".

Currently, Alexander Cavaliers played at the theater stage "Benefit" (St. Petersburg).

Among the last works of the actor in the film - the role in the popular television series "The Streets of Broken Lamps" and "National Security Agent".

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