Alexander Hamilton

Picture of Alexander Hamilton

Date of Birth: 01/12/1757

Age: 47

Citizenship: United States


In college, he started writing political articles for the "New York Journal". Before he was twenty years old, he has published two pamphlets - Full justification of the measures taken by Congress in response to the accusations of their opponents and answer the farmer, which were published, according to the custom of the time, anonymously. It was a polemical response to the highly popular articles S.Siberi, published under the pseudonym "uestchestersky farmer." Pamphlets Hamilton, appeared in the critical years for the fatherland (1774-1775) and contained a spirited defense of the American colonies from the British claims, were an important contribution to the literature of the American Revolution. These pamphlets, based on a clear knowledge of the UK constitution and the principles of differing sharpness and logical reasoning, bring out the best features of the Hamilton-polemicist and made a strong impression on his contemporaries.

At the beginning of the war with Great Britain, he formed an artillery company and became its captain. Soon attracted the attention of General N.Grina, who introduced him to George Washington, commander in chief of the American army. In March 1777, Washington, who was impressed by the personal qualities of the young officer, appointed him as his aide in the rank of lieutenant colonel. Knowledge of the French language and literary skills of the new adjutant represented exceptional value for Washington and Hamilton remained in office for about four years. He participated in the siege of Yorktown in 1781, on the orders of Washington led the assault group.

After the war, Hamilton took up the practice of law in New York, but he could not stay away from politics. As a member of the Continental Congress in 1782-1783 convinced of his inefficiency and became an avid supporter of the National Union and a strong central government. He was also a member of the Annapolis convention ended without results in 1786, and a year later one of the three delegates from New York to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. If Hamilton and has not made a significant contribution to the creation of the Federal Constitution, it is repaid it is protected in the press and in the course of ratification of the convention in New York. He began to protection of the constitution, despite the critical attitude towards it, for two reasons. First, he had, albeit reluctantly, to admit that there is nothing better in the circumstances, could not be obtained. Another reason was the fear that if the constitution is rejected, the country faces, as he put it, an even greater "division, anarchy and suffering." Two weeks after the signing of the constitution Hamilton published in the New York "Independent Journal" dated October 2, 1787 his first article in its defense. Other articles published in the same place and in the other New York newspapers until April 1788 when they all, including fourteen (