Alexander Govorov

Picture of Alexander Govorov

Date of Birth: 08/19/1925

Age: 78

Place of birth: Mtsensk

Citizenship: Russia

Professor legend

Rhode Govorovo mentioned in historical sources in 1606 with Dimitri. The race was a lot of celebrities - a holy recluse and a teacher of Pushkin, the famous marshal and Kharkov scientist-physician, and says himself was born in a family of modest Soviet schoolteachers city of Mtsensk. Family mother comes from no less an old family. Her adoptive father - a career officer of the tsarist army, and then the red general - was killed in the ranks of the 13th Red Army on the day of the famous Battle of Kastornaya. This, however, did not save the family from the need in 1930 to drop everything and flee to Moscow.

He studied at the Moscow 7th exemplary school - a school, sung in the famous novel by Yuri Trifonov. Then in Moscow 528-th school and, in the words of Govorov, "our whole class knew what they say is a historical novelist. In 7th grade, I wrote the tragedy "Justinian" - Merezhkovsky then influence "on me. Since the beginning of the war - digging trenches, working in a munitions factory, and has been on the labor front, the army stayed quite a bit and was discharged due to illness. From 1942 he worked in second-hand shops of Moscow.

In 1948 he was convicted under Article 58-10 (Propaganda or agitation, containing a call to overthrow, undermining or weakening the Soviet regime ...); released in 1953. In 1955 he graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Lenin. Then he worked in Mosknigotorge and how remarkable fact of his biography recalls the words of the legendary director Sergei Mosknigi Erofeevich Polivanovskaya: "Once the girls from the office I was told:" A Yerofeyich something you again from the list of candidates for the director struck. And what are you, a fool, do not come to the party! ". I chose a good time and a claim to it. He looked at me and said lukavinkoy: Never be your director. You`re done "from another test.

Alexander Govorov

Since 1958, he worked in the Office Govorov Centrosoyuz trading in the position of "chief commodity expert on the book." As he recalled saying, "In 1960 was published the party and the government decree on the book trade. There was a point on which the development of the book trade in the remote rural areas funded by general revenue of consumer cooperatives - blanks, processing of agricultural products, the sale of vodka, herring and pr. And it was true that the book went to the villagers. And I came to any regional center or a large village, with all the powers. And I took over the gills kakogo-nibud dense zavtorga: why, they say, you get the book on merchandise at the base of champagne went? "Yes, the plan is on fire!" - Groaned zavtorg, but I am forced to return the goods manager at a bookstore that does not bring monetary gain. And I felt myself at the same time as an ascetic culture. "

In the years 1958-1964 A.A.Govorov taught at the Moscow Cooperative Institute. Since 1964 - Dean, Professor (1982), Head of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. Author and co-author of 15 books, including the world`s first textbook for antique dealers, second-hand booksellers. He studied the history of the book, especially the history of the book trade and book distribution.

The first poem - "The name of the leader" - published in the newspaper "teaching staff" January 5, 1946, and about 800 poems were confiscated in 1948 during the arrest. Around 1945-47 years wrote two novels: "The book of life" and "Beyond the Night", worn autobiographical. According to the memoirs A.A.Govorova: "They were as common notebooks in the box, took to read them eagerly, even copied, but, returning, looked around: Are not you afraid that will be planted? What can I say, he was afraid, but as in that famous book - the ashes of Klaas knocked in my heart. However, nothing of genius in these notebooks, of course, was not - the average the same collective, freedom of the press, the forgiveness of the Whites. But, as it turned out later, the powers that be scared there another - attempt a serious historical analysis of the ideas of Bolshevism. The upshot was, you know, in the basement of Malaya Lubyanka. "The camps also wrote plays for the camp" amateur. "

Alexander Govorov

By seven historical novels and stories about his literary activity A.A.Govorov wrote: "I have chosen my genre of so-called" professor`s novel, "that is a work of fiction written by a scientist, an expert in his field, but without written kakoy-nibud memorized , according to the laws of a free literary creation. ... I do not write about the master of kings and emperors, vse-taki child of Soviet thinking, I`m a Republican at heart. Bibliotekariusy, blacksmiths, merchants, the printers, their daughter, wife, sister-in - here are my favorite heroes. I do not sit down to write, is not thoroughly vyznat all about the realities of life and psychology of the people portrayed me, and it is ready to defend me, as a certain degree. "

Fiction in the works of the author: Fantastic element in the work of the author is present in the novel "The Byzantine darkness", where the main character - a student archaeologist - "falls" in the past and being studied by the expedition "passes" it out through archaeological excavation their records of that era. But for the author of "popadanets" does not exist to describe his adventures, and serves to show the historical period through the eyes of our contemporaries.