Alexander Golitsyn

Picture of Alexander Golitsyn

Age: 210

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born in 1806, in Moscow, in the family of the actual state councilor, member of the court-quartermaster Vavilov Golitsyna.Polkovnik office, artillery adviser, an official for special assignments for the Main Department of the Novorossiysk Territory and Bessarabia. He was awarded three battle honors: St. Anne`s 4 degrees and golden arms, received in 1831 for his bravery, St. Stanislaus 2 degrees and golden arms - also for bravery in 1846, St. Anne`s 2 degrees in 1847. Already in vremyasluzhby Yeysk added to these awards the Order of St. George 4 degrees and a gold sword for the 25-year unblemished sluzhbu.Stal first permanent chief of the city of Yeisk, replacing the previous interim head of PI Litevsky in 1849. His five-year reign had on the most difficult and troublesome period of the city. When it was built the first wooden church of the Protection of the Mother of God, was built and began to work the first port on the Yeysk spit, rapidly developing trade, craft, small production, was an active development of urban areas: formatted streets and squares were built residential houses, commercial and retail establishments , including the famous Gostiny ryad.PORUChIK Golitsyn in 1851 due to the increase of the population it was organized by the town Hall to the orphan, and the verbal court, and most of the management of the affairs passed to the Office of the Hall. In 1852 he opened the first educational institution - a two-year male uchilische.V 1854 Golitsyn given the rank of Major General and Yeisk transferred to another service; November 26 the same year he was awarded the Order of St. George 4-th degree for the blameless 25 years seniority in the officer ranks (number 9341 on the list Grigorovich-Stepanova). In retirement, he came in 1867 with the rank of lieutenant general. Not alien to him and was a science - it is a full member of the Caucasus department of the Imperial Russian Geographical obschestva.Skonchalsya it in 1885 and is buried at the cemetery in St. Petersburg Mitrophanievskoye.