Alexander Glukhov

Picture of Alexander Glukhov

Date of Birth: 09/05/1987

Age: 29

Place of birth: Sarapul

Citizenship: Russia


Alexander Glukhov born May 9, 1987 in Sarapul (Udmurt Republic). The press referred to his family - his mother Galina Glukhov, working as a house painter, plasterer and two older sisters (one is being treated in a psychiatric hospital, the second single, he lives in Moscow).

After 9 years of schooling Glukhov enrolled in college Sarapul`skiy electronic instrumentation, from which he graduated in 2006.

In autumn 2007, Glukhov was drafted into the Russian army. He served in the infantry battalion to the border with Georgia, was a gunner BMP. According to media reports, Glukhov was transferred to the reserve in May 2009, and he "did not mind to stay on the contract." At the same information about how to serve Sergeant Glukhov diverge: if the "Russian newspaper" and RIA Novosti wrote that he "is without comment, a good specialist", the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has emphasized that he "received reprimands and orders is queue for inefficiency and lack of discipline. "

According to Glukhov`s mother, first part, where he served as her son was in North Ossetia, and in August 2008, "he called and said that they were transferred to South Ossetia." It is not reported when it happened before or after the armed conflict in the region. In the absence of a battalion Glukhov noted 26 January 2009, however, as reported by "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", decided that he probably "somewhere in the city, maybe stayed with local friends." Subsequently, there were reports that Glukhov had left his part in about ten days before appeared in the press about his disappearance posts.

January 27, 2009 representatives of the RF Ministry of Defence stated that Glukhov captured by Georgian special services in the Akhalgori district of South Ossetia and taken to Tbilisi. Office demanded the immediate release of the captured sergeant. The same day, the Georgian Interior Ministry reported that the location of the Russian part of Glukhov left voluntarily - "due to intolerable conditions" (according to the Georgian side, the assistance of the police Glukhov called January 26). According to Georgian TV channels were videotaped interview with a soldier (Video - YouTube), in which he said that part was transferred to the capital of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, in June 2008 - that is, before the armed conflict. I am saying that in terms of "very bad condition", Glukhov asked President Saakashvili to leave him in Tbilisi, ie grant him political asylum. At the same time the next day, in an interview to "Echo of Moscow" radio station the young people said that does not consider himself a traitor and that would have left a part of the case, if it was not far from the Georgian border is not, and the border of any country. The political background of his act he denied.

On the same day the deaf shall once again confirmed his defection. In an interview with Reuters he said that he plans to stay live in Georgia. Russian Ministry of Defense continued to insist on the return of Glukhov, promising then to conduct an objective investigation into the incident. The Russian military said that the Georgian side uses Glukhov for purposes of provocation and has him "psychological pressure". According to them, "some recognition Glukhov was" absolutely not tally with reality "and benefit of Georgia - for example, references to the sergeant that the Russian troops entered South Ossetia before the Georgian aggression in Georgia, however, made it clear that the transfer Russia Glukhov is not going Motivating.. the decision of the Georgian side, the Georgian foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze stressed: "If the child will return to the Russian Federation, he was charged with treason and desertion, and he will be in prison."

January 29 senior source RIA Novosti commission dealing with the investigation of the incident said that the deaf "to arbitrarily left the location of its parts." It was also noted that the Commission "will find" reasons for what happened.

The story of Glukhov was another confirmation of the fact that in South Ossetia, in violation of Russian law fought conscripts. The incident was widely discussed in the media and online communities, put forward different versions: the kidnapping, the usual desertion and even betrayal. However, some analysts buzz around the incident with the Russian sergeant considered more broadly, calling the incident "a media course ... to usher in the era of a new" cold war ", and Georgia - no more than" an instrument in the hands of third forces ".

He publishes the press and of speech Glukhov`s mother insists that her son could not he leave ". He is not spoiled because I therefore do not believe that he had escaped from the bad conditions."