Alexander Bortnikov

Picture of Alexander Bortnikov

Date of Birth: 11/15/1951

Age: 65

Birthplace: Perm

Citizenship: Russia


Born November 15, 1951 in Perm, Russian.

In 1973 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers. He graduated from the Moscow Special School of the KGB under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

In 1975 he enlisted in the state security organs.

Until June 2003 he was deputy head of the chief of the FSB of Russia in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, was responsible for counterintelligence operations.

From June 2003 to March 2004 - Head of the RF Federal Security Service for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, replaced Sergei Smirnov, transferred to Moscow.

February 24, 2004 he was appointed Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia - the head of the Directorate for Counterintelligence Support to credit and financial sphere of the FSB, succeeding Yuri Zaostrovtsev. As Chief UFSBpo Peter and the field was replaced Yuri Bortnikov Ignashchenko.

Since July 2004 - member of the Interagency Working Group on developing the concept of a national strategy for combating money laundering.

Since October 2004 - member of the Government Commission on Economic Integration.

Since 2004 - Member of the Board of Directors of OAO "Sovcomflot".

Since April 2005 - member of the Commission on Export Control of the Russian Federation.

Since December 2005 - member of the government commission on the fuel and energy complex and reproduction of mineral resources base.

Since April 2006 - Member of the Governmental Commission to ensure the integration of enterprises aircraft industry of the Russian Federation.

This manual represents the interests of the Federal Security Service Igor Sechin.

He is married and has a son.