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Weekdays start-up must manage the company with the "interrogation" about how the night passed (or weekend), there was no state of emergency, accidents, how to operate the production. In general, as a man racing, Alexander runs every morning in their own gym, as if not "will shake" early in the morning, the whole day will be sleeping on the move. Rises AB early even with a late rebound, and even in the weekend: feels that sleep duration of more than 7 hours of well-being is more likely to harm than good.

At 9.00 - operational meeting in the company, but only on Mondays, "in any other day, people should immediately start working, without further ado." And in the evening - at 18.00 - the final meeting and planning session for the next day.

After work, usually a pool. Weekend Alexander devotes nature: wood, fire, fish kebabs ...


- I was born in the village, lived there for its first 17 years - and since I can not, without the forest. there in Bogorodsk area, beautiful places, coniferous forests. There my mother, my grandmother. I go there be sure to once every two weeks. If you do not come - it is already state of emergency - because I`m his mother spoiled. I love to work physically in the country. This weekend were transported, for example, fertilizer plot - hours, maybe three.

- Get pleasure from it?

- Huge. However, hands are sore today the habit. In the summer I like to mow the grass this oblique. My mother still keeps his farm, so you have to participate, to help her.

- Personally, then, you grow cucumbers, tomatoes?

- Exactly. And then we have our own salting, pickles ... Potatoes also his: I never buy the market because they do not know what it was etched there.


- Very often I go to Moscow and abroad. I have to constantly improve as a leader. The first thing I look abroad, which would drag out of the technology here. Right now, we have built a strong Danish windmill ...

- It is possible an immodest question: where the initial capital?

- A start-up capital in the first place to create good relationships. In general, the history of a good relationship - it`s a long story. I - a big fan of Carnegie. I was very lucky: my mother, all my life as a major trade worker, always got a good book. When she brought me to the Carnegie, I have a child read about Ford, and thought: "I`ll do it. I`m sure all will achieve. Suppose I have no special features, connections, but there are written, that do not need them, these ties . The main thing - understanding the goal, perseverance and desire. " And I`m stubborn, like all Capricorns, set a goal and go for it. First I set a task to work in a large company. For 6 months I came to the deputy director of the company, in charge of commerce. There were familiar - the director of other companies. When I was no longer satisfied with the situation on the job and the position of the authorities, I was left there. Without a penny, but well-connected relationships with the heads of many enterprises.

With a group of "supporters" we created "SSA". I believe that the history of "SSA" - this is the healthiest way of development. If you are honest and decent, then you will succeed. If I gde-to skhimichil, chto-nibud stolen "on a flat machine" in his former company, it would not have had such confidence in others. But everybody saw that I had gone a goal, like a falcon. Familiar director I delivered food without money - on a purely trust. First cars delivered, then - trains. To work with us, and Hungary, and Poland, and Austria - because we did not have a bad credit history, we have always paid for everything.


- In 25 years, I joined the Communist Party, and still is in it I am.

- Till?

- Till.

- So, you are going to come out?

- Yes, that after the elections to the Legislative Assembly, I accidentally found out that I have already ruled out. It turns out, you did not even warn when the rule. But it is not important. Many loyal patriots of our country - the communists of the old school - are in this party. They have their own ideology: the struggle for the prosperity of the country. It is this ideology is closest to me.


- Kills me that my biggest envious - in the village where I was born. We bought land there, on which no one has ever planted nothing - now plow and sow, shag. But villagers say: "Here, the ground engaged in money probably does have nowhere to go." So far in our country is such an attitude to business, nothing good can not be expected.


- I went to a business is not for the sake of the business and not for money.

- For what? But why go into politics?

- You will be funny here, but I want to change the situation in the country. So, as far as I shall be given to the forces and capabilities. To at least partially remove the dirt, which we very much. At any given moment it can be done.


- In general, people believe you?

- PEOPLE - yes. But very few of them. These people were in the Soviet Union, when dominated by friendship, mutual assistance, pride in their country. Of course, we had big problems: the country was closed, nobody was allowed to develop independently. We had to go down the path of China`s ...

- Do you have any idols?

- My "human" idol has always been and will be my first teacher. If we take the ideal leader for me is John F. Kennedy. In our country - Andropov. This is a man who really did everything for his people. Great respect for Stalin - for strong character and for the fact that, when it was given to Moscow, he did not leave.


- I`m a believer, an Old Believer. Faith in me laid my grandmother who raised me, because my mother worked all the time. I lived with my grandmother, got up and went to prayers. She taught me that a lie - a great sin. I find it difficult to pass, when begging, if I see that man is not on the bottle collects. As the saying goes: "Help your neighbor, and you will be rewarded." That is why we are opening soup kitchens and barbershops.

Bad habits

- Previously, there was one - I smoked. But after the birth of her daughter she gave up and did not smoke for the third year. There are but a harmful trait: I am a very emotional and, accordingly, a very short-tempered. And it is very vulnerable. This is bad, but I corrected. I am also very stubborn, like all Capricorns. Negative attitude to alcohol and do not like when others are drinking. Although now, iz-za frequent trips to Europe, became a respected beer. This I have taught the Germans with the Dutch.

- What is your favorite beer?

- I love Budweiser. If I am in the Netherlands - the Heinekken. If I was in Brussels, the Belgian luxury drink red beer, but do not bring it here.

- And if you are in Russia?

- Those Budweiser and Heinekken, only bottled. From a domestic at the time I liked beer "Golden Barrel" - the classic green, but now I have lost interest in him. Beer "Bochkarev" also used to be better.


- I have long been excluded from the diet of pork, white bread.

- What are the reasons: health, figure, just the principle of?

- I think that a normal manager must always be in a form that has to look great. To even get naked on the beach was not ashamed. A pork - it is fat and all that. But always I eat fish. I love true Russian rustic dishes like "lapshennik": starch pancakes cut into strips, filled with eggs, laid in a pan and put it all in the oven - it turns out that ... It`s me, of course, he can not cook, but my mother. In general, I really like to cook, if we leave on the nature of the company, then he cook soup.

- The fish catch themselves, too?

- No, I think that in our normal fish does not cook soup. I prefer sturgeon, sterlet, salmon, trout.


- I love that the person with whom you`re negotiating, looked at you and thought: this suit fifteen hundred or two dollars worth. So, this is a normal leader, if he can afford it. We`re not on the farm, not in the same jerseys negotiate.

But to be honest, I`m more like a beautiful youth clothing, buy it mostly abroad: be sure to take a huge suitcase to beat him there until failure. I love to distraction things narrowed. Right now I have some cool jeans by Versace - wide such. In America was - amusing footwear currently there napokupal. Dressed like this - all I am a student. And if someone accidentally discovers - and this still happens quite often - all in shock.


- When you`re in an environment of 70 to 80-year-old - on the charity of our dinners - and kto-nibud sing "Orenburg shawl" or "Talk to me, my mother," and they all have tears of happiness - I`m so happy ... I`m not ashamed to say that I CHTO-TO done in this life, komu-to helped, because I gave people moments of joy. This is insanely great. And kakih-nibud election newspapers about the same as write: Bochkarev, they say, first goes to a disco, there is charged by the energy of the youngsters, and then goes to his old women, and they are out of it this energy sucking. The nightmare some! People do not realize what they write.


- So after all go to the disco?

- I go! However, rarely, but neatly. Here once called me in "Picasso" in a beauty contest "Miss high school". Look, there are all heaped, overdressed arrived. And I`m bored, and heaped up where overdressed. And we now go directly from there to the "Rocky" for a student party. And there it was cool ... I came home at 6am. The next day just flew at work - and the mood and the inspiration ... It is necessary sometimes to throw off everything and say: I do not remember who I am. All the rest, and you hang out with them. Get dressed in youth ...

- A dance?

- Yes, we are leading dance! The old "Picasso" when there was, I very lyuil, we there is always a dance and trains arranged. The main thing - do not come and get drunk and jump around, run out, clear all negative.

- And with the girls you get to know people there?

- Seeking. But it is interesting to get acquainted with those who do not know me. To those who know, I try to talk chut-chut and all, goodbye. Such communication I complex. Here at a student party met with the girls, went to the ditch, sitting up in the morning, singing songs, champagne drank straight from the bottle. The girls did not know, well, cool.


- Once a long time ago I predicted all that will happen to me.

- And how come true?

- Everything is coming true. I said, you will not be happy in his personal life. You are not given here for this. Although sometimes this thought fuss, fuss, but then I thought: My God, tired of it all. You`ll see on the street a young family - father, mother and child - and jealous of their happiness quiet, small problems. And I have another problem of scale: if I now chto-to not do, I have tomorrow 1,5 thousand people may be left without work.

- What is the main thing in life, in your opinion?

- In my opinion, the main thing in life, that man was happy.

- Are you happy?

- (Quietly, after a long pause). I`m happy. Happiness Head - it is quite another. I do not like that of the common man. My happiness - is when I run the new facility, when I know that this will add to the welfare of those who work with me, I will be able to raise wages, to give the award.

It`s a shame when people think that I have nowhere to put the money, so I feed people for free, something new opens. For me happiness - leave a mark in this life.


- All the time ask: how are you, out of the village, without connections, so far raised himself? And I was 17 years old his father left - left the family. And I`m madly in love his mother, decided that the collapse of the walls, break the door, but do so that my mother proud of me. And the father then said: "What turns out, my son!"

I am from the army mom wrote in a day. One day she sent a poem, and my "Letter to Mother" was published in the newspaper ... Bogorodskaya

After the army, I was offered to stay and work in Lithuania, but when I wrote about my mother, she said, "If you do not come, I will not. You do not have - and I do not." I returned...


- I got married when I was 25. At that time, I could afford a lot: to ride a "Mercedes", and today take to fly to the farthest point on the planet - another thing that I do not need. And then I thought that marriage is necessary to take the girl from the provinces, not spoiled. And married to a modest 18-year-old girl from Bogorodsky area. But it turned out that the sudden abundance of gatherings, banquets, because it had fallen, a girl`s just gone crazy. She dropped out, went scandals due to the fact that I come too late. This is me today, I can afford to come home in 10, sometimes even at 9 pm. And before 11 pm - it was early, and sometimes had to go back in the morning (for one simple reason: we are before the bags were unloaded, and now it is for us porters do). She did not understand. But I realized that it was not the man that I need in life. And we`re divorced. Since then I have a bachelor.

In general, we - today`s managers - it is very difficult to plan a family. All the time we must be on our guard: I`m getting married today, and tomorrow we split up, and she claims to be part of the company, because I`m almost 100 percent owner of "SSA". Generally, Capricorn fall in love and much love only once. I already had this: we were friends 7 years, since high school. I then wanted to marry, but accidentally saw her kissing another guy, and immediately broke all 7 years. So, that was necessary - fate.


- I have two children - a daughter and a son. However, from different mothers.

- + Children mean a lot to you?

- Children of all I mean, not a lot. Here I am now looking at my Sasha (full name - Alexandrina) and all her gestures and facial expressions - my ... I spend with her a lot of time. Here it (the photo shows).

- I think, like you.

- Yes, just a copy! I fed her with a spoon, I bathed after her first maternity hospital.

But ... I have a deep conviction that a truly happy baby to be born only in marriage, we love each other parents. Well, I`m not destiny. At least for now. In this regard, I envy the family happiness of my longtime friend Voronov. Although I have from their children I will never hide and say, this is not mine.


- Do you have time to read books?

- I have all the time, and I always little things. Just then the head is good, even when he leaves for a week, come back and everything works like clockwork. A favorite book at me - "Thais". Constantly re-read it. There`s a fine analysis of life.

- A walk to the movies?

- I go. Now I like to go to the "October" - a movie look, sit at the bar, then on Pokrovochke stroll ...

- And the last thing looked?

- "Blonde in law". In general, the strongest impression on me in recent years has made "Pearl Harbor." It`s just super: there is such a love, friendship ... so I do not like fighters, science fiction, horror. I like melodrama and comedy. Probably because on the DC voltage, I want to just relax under chto-nibud pleasant. Very nice and beautiful film - "A Walk in the Clouds". I like the domestic film "Gentlemen of Fortune", "Love and Pigeons" ... My house - the whole video collection. I also like to go to our drama theater.

- And where are driving vacation?

- Of course, abroad. Because today is a holiday in Turkey is a thousand times better and cheaper than in Sochi or anywhere else on our south. But I am very hard to bear planes. I - a former paratrooper, so for me to fly in an airplane and do not have a parachute behind him - is tantamount to a voluntary death. I say "fool" and I`m still afraid. The more Swan won recently covered himself ...

This is the last New Year I am also going abroad to celebrate. Bought two weeks in a 5-star hotel, came 31st at the airport, but the plane did not like me, and I refused to fly at all. I`m the least agree on "IL", and mainly on the "Boeing". And I slipped, "Tu", can you imagine? Yes, even some "Samara Airlines". Yes me in such an aircraft by force will not drag! So we quickly bought a ticket for the high-speed train "Moscow - Adler", sat in 23.35 and went to Sochi. After 25 minutes met the new year 2002 car. We were with a party poppers and champagne ... All in all, fun.

In general, I like extreme sports: climbing mountains, mountain rivers ...


- My first car - "Lada", "eight". The front-wheel, light - I liked. The first foreign car - BMW 7 Series. I traveled on it for a long time. And then, based on the fact that often travel to the village, I bought a jeep Ford Explorer: it is absolutely "oak" American - in the sense that it does not break it. And here it is now on the village dissect bumps. And I go to work on the "Volga" color "metallic" and in excellent health at the same time feel: on the foreign cars are not absolutely necessary. They just annoy people, who mostly can not afford expensive cars.