Alexander Bibikov

Picture of Alexander Bibikov

Date of Birth: 07/01/1765

Age: 57

Citizenship: Russia


In 1768 it recorded a non-commissioned officer in the Life Guards Izmailovo Regiment. In 1774, promoted to ensign with the transfer in the Life Guards Regiment. On 09/22/1786 kammerjunker. Service began 01/01/1787 captain of the Life Guards Regiment. Since the beginning of the Russian-Swedish War of 1788-90 acted as a volunteer in the body gene. II Michelson. For the differences 06/09/1789 awarded the Order of St. George`s 4-th degree. In the 2nd half of 1789 was when the chief of the rowing fleet Prince of Nassau-Siegen. During the battle at the mouth Kiumeni commanded a battalion of the Life Guards Regiment. On 31.05.1795 the actual Chamberlain. After accession to the throne of Paul 1 13.11.1796 sent a notification of the event to the Duke of Wurttemberg. 07.11.1798 entered the service in the College of Foreign Affairs. On 22/12/1798 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Portugal, with the 01.01.1799 - Saxony. 28/02/1799 recalled to St. Petersburg. On 07/01/1800, Senator, met in the Provisional Surveying Department. 02.01.1800 suddenly dismissed. 16.12.1806 in the formation of the nobility Zemsky troops Oranienbaum County elected him chief of police. In 1808, newly hired by and Feb 10. He appointed Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Naples. 22/02/1810 recalled to St. Petersburg, where he again took his place in the Senate. In 1812 Bibikov joined the St. Petersburg militia, commanded by Kutuzov, was his closest aide and later became commander of one of the two St. Petersburg militia detachments (more than 5.5 kDa pers. And 2 squadrons of the Grodno Hussars, Lancers, and Polish). Sep 28. gene joined to the housing. PH Wittgenstein was appointed commander of the brigades of the St. Petersburg and Novgorod militia. At the head of the militia took part in the battle of Polotsk (6-7 October.), For which he was awarded the Order of St. George the 3rd degree. After connecting to the body of Wittgenstein gene. FF Steingel, Bibikov 15 October. He was given command of the 1st Corps line (Perm, Sevsk, Kaluga infantry, svodnoegersky shelves, several squadrons, 30 guns). His detachment (with the militia units) and was named the 5th Division. He participated in the battle of Chashniki and under Smolny was seriously wounded in the leg. At the head of the division took part in the battles of Studzianka. And being seriously wounded, he could neither walk nor sit on a horse, and rode in a sleigh. By December 1812 from the former in October. under his command, 9 thousand. militias in the army remains only 900 people. On 2/6/1813 participated in the siege of Danzig, and June 16 under his command and transferred as Kaluga militia on July 10 due to disordered health Bibikov was allowed to leave the army. At the end of 1813 again began to Senator duties. 25.04.1821 went to Germany for treatment. Buried on the Lazarev cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.