Alexander Bashilov

Picture of Alexander Bashilov

Date of Birth: 05/11/1950

Age: 66

Place of birth: Kimry

Citizenship: Russia


NGO "Lightning" today - a scientific school of design methodology aerospace systems.

Born May 11, 1950 in the city of Kimry Kalinin (now - Tver) Region. Father - Bashilov Sergey (1923 born.), One of the greatest leaders of the Soviet construction industry; in 1980 - the organizer of the USSR Ministry of Construction in the Far East and Trans-Baikal. The peak of his career as a leader began as chairman of the USSR State Committee for Construction. Mother - Bashilova Alexandra (1925 born.). Wife - Olga (1953 born.), A therapist. Sons: Alexey (1971 born.), A member of "Mosfilm"; Sergey (1979 born.), A graduate student of MAI.

His father graduated from the faculty of industrial and civil construction of the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers and received a distribution to the position of superintendent of one of the buildings in Tobolsk, where, and moved the family. Eighteen months later, his father was transferred to the manager of the trust "Irtyshlestransstroy" in Tyumen, where Alexander went to the 1st class. In 1963 Sergey became deputy chief Bashilov "Glavsreduralstroya" Mintyazhstroya USSR in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg).

Due to their ability to study the exact sciences (especially good to give him the math), Alexander graduated with high marks in Sverdlovsk specialized physical and mathematical school and enrolled in the Ural Polytechnic Institute (UPI) in the mechanical department. In addition to the successful study future engineer he found time for sports, and quite serious, preferring hockey (hockey and ball), football, skiing.

In 1972 he graduated from the A. Bashilov UPI. Immediately after graduation he was called up for military service (1972-74), which takes place in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany as commander of a tank platoon.

In 1974, Alexander starts working career in the assembly shop of Sverdlovsk machine-building plant named after MI Kalinin Assistant wizard. After 3 months, AS Bashilov gets the post master, soon appointed engineer, foreman.

A new stage career AS Bashilova begins with his move to Moscow in the late 1980s. In January 1981, Alexander Sergeyevich recruit in the Scientific and Production Association "Molniya" (now - JSC "NPO" Molniya "") assembly shop foreman. A year later (1982) the well-proven young leader was appointed head of department. In 1984 - at age 34 - Alexander became chief engineer of association, which was intended to solve one of the most prestigious tasks of that time to the USSR - to create the first Russian space shuttle "Buran".

During this period, perhaps the main direction of production activity AS Bashilova was to create a laboratory bench base for the complex "Buran". High results of the NGO "Lightning" and their numerous cooperation partners confirmed the successful flight of space shuttle "Buran" 15 November 1988. Appreciated was the personal contribution of AS Bashilova in the creation of a "full-size stand equipment OK" Buran ": Alexander awarded the Council of Ministers of the USSR, was awarded the Jubilee Medal SP Queen.

Working under the direct supervision of Chief Designer of legendary GE Lozino-Lozinski, AS Bashilov earned high prestige as an engineer, a highly qualified specialist in the field of aerospace technology, first-class master. Under his leadership, introduced the latest technological processes, deadlines have been established "auxiliary power unit" and a unique laboratory bench base. With the direct participation of A. Bashilova were manufactured and commissioned spacecraft family "Bor" ( "BOR-4", "BOR-5").

All under the direction of A. Bashilova the company has been mastered and introduced about 240 new high-tech processes, 130 types of advanced equipment, more than 60 brand new metallic, non-metallic and composite materials, developed in collaboration with leading institutions and enterprises of the country.

When in 1993 there was a question of electing a new Director General of NPO "Molniya", more than half of the staff associations expressed a preference for the candidacy of Alexander Bashilova.

In the difficult conditions of global and extremely painful changes in the state of the new Director General of the NGO "Lightning" has made progress in several areas NGO "Lightning", including for the development of the system MAX (multipurpose aerospace system). This system is designed to ensure removal of any load on the orbit inclination, high efficiency and low cost applications. This eliminates the need for the alienation of land for the territory falling exhaust design elements. Multi-orbital monitoring using MAX system would solve many problems of land.

With the direct participation of A. Bashilova and under the leadership of General Designer GE Lozinski Lozino-designed family of aircraft for various purposes. Among them, the "Molniya-1", a small 6-seater plane triplane (the project was awarded the gold medal of the World Exhibition of Inventions and Research "Eureka-93" in Brussels), a member of the Le Bourget air show in 1995; dvuhfyuzelyazhny aircraft transporter "Lightning-1000" ( "Hercules") - the heaviest projected triplanov designed to carry an external load large cargo weighing up to 450 tons or passenger models with a capacity of up to 1200 people. The family of "Lightning" also includes a multi-purpose 15-seater 20-engined triplane "Lightning 100" 6-15-seat jet aircraft administrative "Lightning-300."

JSC "NPO" Molniya "," headed by AS Bashilov, is developing a supersonic missile target based on overage and removed from service antiaircraft guided missile air defense of the country (that is a cost-effective way of their utilization).

NGO "Lightning" today - a scientific school of design methodology aerospace systems. The advantages of this school are relying on mathematical modeling and semi-natural, complex testing of the reliability of a unique mnogostendovom laboratory equipment and application of methods of non-destructive testing for the diagnosis of health in all stages of life cycle of the product.

The realities of the last decades of the XX century made A.S.Bashilova and collective enterprises to take care of expanding the scope of activities of the NGO "Lightning" by organizing the production of conversion products. To this end, there is an association with a neighbor - the Tushino Machine Building Plant.

By February 2003, when the General Director of JSC "NPO" Molniya "," topped and JSC "Tushino Machine Building Plant", in the arsenal of AS Bashilova projects were embodied production of conversion products in various fields: automated car park MAC designed for car parking and storage in high density urban areas, intensive human and traffic flow; being prepared for mass production handling device (vocational schools), which allows people with disabilities to move around comfortably in a wheelchair and without a flight of stairs and elevators (Gold Medal of the World Exhibition of Inventions and Innovation, 1998). The complex of five vocational functioning successfully in the Museum of Archaeology in the center of Moscow and is being implemented at the Kursk station, in a rehabilitation center for the disabled and other places of mass visits.

Heading Tushino Machine-Building Plant, AS Bashilov decide on the development of its manufacturing base in order to increase the production of passenger cars for Moscow (buses and trolleybuses), industrial processing waste tires, a technology park at the plant, the development of the production of medical equipment, pharmaceutical infrastructure software.

AS Bashilov head of the board of directors of the industrial enterprises and scientific organizations of the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow.

Alexander Bashilov - winner of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1989), academician-secretary of the section "Aerospace" Russian Engineering Academy, Academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after KE Tsiolkovsky Academy of problems and security, defense and law enforcement, PhD.

He was awarded the medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow", Honorary Diploma of the Moscow Government, the Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements, jubilee medal SP Queen.

He is fond of classical and historical literature.

Lives and works in Moscow.