Alersandr Vartanov

Picture of Alersandr Vartanov

Date of Birth: 02/11/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Vartanov Alexander V. was born on November 2, 1954 in Moscow. Since 1975 he works at the department of psychophysiology of the Faculty of Psychology. In 1982 he graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, specialized in the Department of Psychophysiology. C 1987 - Junior Researcher of the Department of Psychophysiology. In 1995 he defended his thesis on "The Color semantic space" under the direction E.N.Sokolova. Since 1997 - Researcher, since 1999 - Senior Researcher, Department of Psychophysiology. In 2000, he was awarded the academic title of senior researcher, in 2007 awarded the title of "Moscow University Distinguished Researcher." Deputy Director of the Institute for Cognitive Studies (IKI) of the National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" (2008).

Research interests

Currently Vartanov AV working in the field of brain mechanisms of semantic coding, the author develops the concept of brain mechanisms of sign mediation of higher mental functions of man, nature and the brain mechanisms of consciousness generation and speech understanding. It explores the brain mechanisms of cognitive processes (perception, memory, imagination, understanding of speech), the relationship semantic, perceptual and mnemonic spaces.

Considerable attention was paid to the study of cross-language semantic color, color perception and color memory; the laws of transformation of semantic spaces in the learning process; features color semantics, due to different visual impairments. They developed methods for automated diagnosis of human knowledge structures (based on the construction of semantic spaces and the laws of their transformation in teaching). We studied the peculiarities of representation of real and virtual space in people with normal vision and the blind. We studied specific changes in sensory human sensitivity (afferent system, the example of tactile perception and color perception), depending on the co-ordinated changes in efferent system due to changes in posture (throwing the head back to color perception), or position in space efferent organs (position thumbs for haptic sensitivity) .

As a result of research into the mechanisms of perception of emotional expression in human speech, emotion semantics, proposed a new four-dimensional spherical model of universal emotions. Also explores human perception of speech sounds, interaction of brain structures in stuttering.

Vartanov AV It has more than 50 publications, of which 30 - in the last 5 years.

Vartanov AV He was the head of the following fundamental research, supported on the basis of tenders: RHF number 95-06-17118 "cross-language study color semantics" (1995-1996); RFH number 96-03-18008 "Experimental study and modeling of mechanisms of semantic spaces" (1996); RFBR