Aleksey Viktorov

Picture of Aleksey Viktorov

Date of Birth: 1827

Age: 56

Place of birth: village Studennikova

Citizenship: Russia


He was a custodian department of Slavic manuscripts and early printed books in the Rumyantsev Museum; also in charge of the archive and the office of the Moscow Armory. II Sreznevsky, dividing his work into four sections: 1) in the bibliography of manuscripts and early printed books, 2) critical articles and research, 3) publication of monuments and 4) the mixture indicates the first of them as an important contribution to Russian historical science, in the Undolskogo essay collection of manuscripts, the catalog of the Slavic-Russian manuscripts Piskareva, a detailed description of the four manuscripts in the publication "photographs from Greek manuscripts of miniatures" (Wiley, 1863 - 65), meeting Grigorovich and Belyaeva manuscripts. Matter and "Inventories manuscript collections in the stacks of Northern Russia" (posthumous publication, undertaken Archaeological Commission in 1890). In the 2nd Division remarkable: "The library and the historical activity of the Moscow Synodal printing house" (in "Moscow Gazette" for 1859), "The Last of the opinion Safarik Glagolitic" (Wiley, 1863) and "Was not in Moscow printing tests up to 1564? " (II including "Proceedings" of the third Archaeological Congress). Viktorov This work is considered one of the most valuable research in the study of our printing. It represents an extract from an unpublished and unfinished his work: "Typography in Russia in the XVI century before and around the time of publication of the Apostle by Ivan Fedorov in 1564". Very valuable printed Viktorov in the "Cyril and Methodius collection" Pogodin (1865), for unknown before lists sites related to, first teacher brothers, Slavic, then "Review inventories patriarchal vestry and an inventory of the patriarchal vestry", "Inventory of dilapidation in the towers and walls of Moscow Kremlin, Kitai-Gorod and the White-city 1667 " and published in 1877 - 82 years of two editions of "Descriptions note-books and papers of ancient palaces orders" (1584 - 1725). The first edition of this remarkable work includes "Descriptions of the treasury of the order, the sovereign workshop Chamber and Tsarina studio Chamber", the second - "Descriptions phonebooks armory, the sovereign`s (Peter I) study and other court facilities Order of secret affairs and descriptions rewritten palace books cathedrals and churches. " - Wed .: II Sreznevsky in "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences"; "Memories" AF Bychkova in the "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences" (1883, Vol XXXIII); EV Autograph in the "Readings Moscow Society of History and Antiquities" (1883,