Aleksey Veretennikov

Picture of Aleksey Veretennikov

Date of Birth: 03/18/1860

Age: 59

Citizenship: Russia


Of the hereditary nobility of the St. Petersburg Province. Born in Irkutsk. Educated in the Nicholas case, the Nicholas School of Engineering and the Nicholas Academy of Engineering. Specialty hydraulics. Since 1889 was a vowel St. Petersburg City Council, Chairman of the mountains. Commission on Water. It was initiated in St. Petersburg spring water with Tsarskoselsky heights, plumbing device from Lake Ladoga, when it also began experiments on water purification Waterworks. Member of the executive committee for the construction of the Trinity Bridge. A member of various interdepartmental committees: on the device of the Black Sea coast (from the military establishment, the chairman of State Property Minister A. Yermolov); on the connection of the Finnish railway with imperial roads (from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chairman of the State Council member AP Ignatiev), and others. Actively opposed the project transfer metropolitan mountains. Agriculture Department under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior (Design. A. Zinoviev), published a note