Aleksey Vedenyapin

Picture of Aleksey Vedenyapin

Date of Birth: 03/02/1804

Age: 43

Citizenship: Russia


Of the nobility of the Tambov province Temnikov County. His father - a retired Major Vasily Nikitich Vedenyapin (1770 / 71-1819), Temnikov landowner; mother - Daria M. Kashkarova (died 1815.); his father and his brother, 20 souls. He was educated in the school`s housing Tambov nobleman (1813), then in 1 Cadet Corps Cadet - 20.7 in 1820, a non-commissioned officer - 04.06.1822. Released ensign in the 9th Artillery Brigade 2 easy a company - 09/04/1823, from 10/05/1824 taught at the Artillery School.

Member of the Society of United Slavs (1825).

The order for the arrest - 05/02/1826, was arrested in Zhytomyr 10.2, 16.2 taken from Zhitomir to St. Petersburg to the main guardhouse, on the same day transferred to the Peter and Paul Fortress ( "put on the discretion and maintain good") in number 12 Nevsky curtain.

Sentenced to XI discharge and sentenced to prison officials with the writing of a soldier with a length of service, for confirmation 07/10/1826 Verhneuralsk defined as a private in a garrison battalion, where and sent - from the Peter and Paul Fortress - 22/07/1826, arrived in Verhneuralsk - 08/10/1826. On the basis of the decree of 08/22/1826 transferred to the Caucasus by order of the Minister of War - 09.13.1826, enrolled in 42 Jager Regiment - 31/01/1827, a member of the Russian-Persian and Russian-Turkish wars in 1827-1829, for the difference in the battles promoted to non-commissioned officers - 16/11/1828, transferred to Tengin Infantry regiment - 03/10/1829, "in respect of a great zeal for the service and utterly frustrated at thereof from the military health papers" dismissed from the service of the non-commissioned officers Tenghinka Infantry regiment with the rank of class 14 - 26/04/1833 by denial of entry to both the capital and the establishment of secret surveillance in residence at a Vedenyapin Temnikov county Tambov province, from February to July 1837 ruled the estate c. Zakrevskogo at p. Muratovka Moksha county, then lived in Penza (July-October) and the estate of the landowner Nikiforov Nizhelomovskogo County Penza province, in early December 1838 moved to. Bogorodskoe Temnikov County, in late 1839 allowed to enter into the civil service in Tambov in the People`s Food Commission. He died on the estate of the former Minister of Justice DV Dashkova to Tsarevo-Kurgan district of Samara.

Was married. Brothers (1826) Apollo, Nicholas (20 years), Alexander (19yo), both served in the Olonets Infantry Regiment, Paul and Ivan (14 years old), sister - Hope (16 years).