Aleksey Maklakov

Picture of Aleksey Maklakov

Date of Birth: 06/01/1962

Age: 54

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


In 1996, Alex Maklakov was admitted to the troupe named Vl. Mayakovsky. On the stage of this theater they were played roles in: "Synthesizer love" `(Mervyn)," Beginning a free man "(Brown)," Fruits of Enlightenment "(Doctor)," Children Vanyushina "(Krasavin)," A plague on both your home! "(Signor Capulet)," How do you catch the fancy "(Le Beau), and others.

All these years in the movie Alex Maklakov was not removed, so in addition to avid theatergoers, he was practically unknown to ...

Driver-magician Simon

For the first time in the movie Alex Maklakov appeared in 2001. But the cameo role in the film "Hello, baby!" Hardly anyone in the audience to remember. But director Timur Bekmambetov already drew attention to the talented actor, and began to shoot when "Night Watch", then again remembered about him.

Bekmambetov suggested Alexei Maklakov role Maga driver Seeds. The actor admits: "When I saw the script, I honestly do not even know how to start reading." In this situation Maklakov helped his friend, a member of "Radio Uniton `Boris Komarov, who, after reading the script, advised him to accept the role.

Maklakov very well fit into the way he proposed. Producer series Vyacheslav Murugov so says the actor playing "... really very exact hit, a very talented performance of this image. I even say more, it is one thing - to write, and the other - to breathe life into this image. It`s very well worth it. "

The film brought Alexei Maklakov great popularity. Especially the audience remember the famous scene where emergency gang under Semyon commits famous somersault. Maklakov remembers how the shooting occurred: "... this evening I was hungry and bought a pizza. When I came to the metro station "Red Gate", where we were shooting, it was a fine rain, and then I saw the cockpit of our car, which was in a centrifuge ... And before that came to me the best, I think, in the Russian stunt - Dima Vorobiev - who asked: "Alex, did you eat today?" - "Yes, that`s just bought a pizza" - "Maybe you will not?". I do not understand. I ate this pizza, washed down with tea. When we got here just in this cabin, we spun 360 degrees. It was 8 doubles, ie the whole pizza, eaten by me, unfortunately, it was inside the car, etc. And then, when I was on voice acting, I saw the way you see the frame, already assembled material. To our cabin was pririsoval body. Takeoff, flight ... And to be honest, I even envy this character that I played that really can be so cool to drive a car. And I believe that they have sounded a few shots in the film. Because he was, well, something else the consequence of what I have experienced associated with pizza. So I obozhayu.Polet it was successful. "

Ensign Shmatko

By the time the "Night Watch" Alex Maklakov already begun to appear in a new project - the TV series "Soldiers". Creators of the series set out to in a comedic manner describe a modern army. However, they skillfully avoid deviations in the direction of outright satire. Humor in the series really good. That is why the "Soldiers" is equally loved by the most diverse sectors of the population, and, more importantly, have been enthusiastically received and by the military.

Alex Maklakov played `soldier` ??is perhaps the most colorful role - Ensign Shmatko.

It is worth noting that Maklakov in the army served only six months, and even then could hardly be called a real service. Here`s what he says himself: "I served long, but fun. They took me to the army of the Novosibirsk Theatre Institute. As soon as I got to the part, she organized a circle of amateur. Our soldiers, gunners respect me, even the "grandfathers" friends with me ... "

Given all this, one can only wonder how the actor managed so subtly feel their hero. He did not just played Ensign and created a really extraordinarily truthful image. This clearly can not be called Shmatko goodies. There are mixed with an excess of both positive and negative qualities. But at the most crucial moments of good in it always prevails.

Perhaps this made the character Alexei Maklakov popular favorite. Within six months, the whole country is laughing over cunning, economic and so charming ensign Shmatko. Even children have to send him a letter to the address: "Moscow, Ensign Shmatko." A man was stopped on the streets to recall the army. In Maklakova even he appeared guard, and it became the first in the history of "ensign" with a personal bodyguard.

During the first "soldiers" followed by "Soldiers-2", "Soldiers-3", etc. He shows me a hero, and only ensign Shmatko always remained unchanged. It is true that at one time he visited, and a lieutenant, but even in that position he remained an ensign. In spirit.

Simultaneously with the shooting in the series Alex participates in several films, including "Stupid Fat Hare", where he played so well at one time known to him through life unrecognized role actor. In 2007, Maklakov removed in the new film by Dmitry Astrakhan "All fair" as Kovalev coach.

Recently released Alex Maklakov own CD of songs in the style of chanson "E-mine", which enjoys wild popularity and diverges in large editions.


Alex Maklakov was married three times, twice divorced and has two children. His eldest son plays with his father in the TV series "Soldiers".