Aleksey Gorchakov

Picture of Aleksey Gorchakov

Citizenship: Russia


Alexey Gorchakov was the son of the Prince Gorchakov Ivan and sister of Alexander Suvorov. In 1786 he joined the army and served under his uncle Suvorov in Russian-Turkish war of 1787-1792 years. Gorchakov was put forward in 1789 (under the Ackerman and Bender). He was awarded June 14, 1789 Order of St. George 4-th cells. number 299

For outstanding courage, rendered in an attack the fortress Ochakov.

In 1790 he was appointed colonel of the regiment of Azov. In 1792 he participated in the Polish war.

Gorchakov in 1799 was the Swiss Army Rimsky-Korsakov, and was the war with Napoleon in Poland in 1806-1807 (Battle of Heilsberg). He was awarded the August 22, 1807 Order of St. George 3rd Cl. number 167

The reward otlichnago courage and bravery, rendered in the battle on 24 May against the French troops, where he commanded a separate corps, prudent orders showed evidence of experience and military knowledge, coupled with excellent Dreadnaught, with koeyu attacking the enemy when swallowed, has overturned the two columns, He mastered and Gutshtatom camp and captured 11 officers and 462 rank lower.

Gorchakov was repeatedly accused of theft and embezzlement, but in all cases, was acquitted. By seniority rank he replaced Barclay de Tolly on the post of Minister of War in August 1812. In 1815 komissiyasnova discovered the theft and abuse, and in December 1815 Gorchakov was removed from the post of Minister of War. In 1817 he dismissed. He died abroad. Buried in St. Petersburg on the Lazarev cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Even after his death, the case was closed in 1827.

His brother Andrei Ivanovich (1776-1855) - a well-known military commander in the Russian army, took part in the Patriotic War of 1812 and foreign campaigns.