Aleksey Bobrinskiy

Picture of Aleksey Bobrinskiy

Date of Birth: 02/19/1826

Age: 68

Citizenship: Russia


Count, statesman, Lieutenant-General (1872), a member of the State Council (1871-1874), a major landowner. Place of the kind Bobrinskys. He graduated from the Alexandrovsky Lyceum (1844), he served in the Department of economic and Accounting Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1846 he retired. Since the beginning of the Crimean War of 1853-1856 joined the army. Since 1856 as adjutant was at the Empress. Alexander II, who performing his personal orders. In August. 1858 made a t. N. aide-adjutant draft release of the peasants, which advocated the need for the transformation of peasants into owners. After the abolition of serfdom (1861) was a peace mediator. In 1866, he developed and achieved approval of the charter of the "Society of mutual land-credit" for the grant of loans on security of land (ie. N. Gold Bank). Since 1869 was a member of the Board of the Ministry of Railways. In January 1870 he was sent to Britain for examination railways. From April. 1870 was a member of the Committee to oversee the construction of narrow-gauge railways and on their operation and management of the Chairman of the Provisional Construction breech narrow-gauge railway from the station. Livny Orel-up Gryazskoy railway. Since May 1871 served as Deputy Minister of Railways, with September. 1871 managed by the Ministry of Railways, to April. 1872 served as Minister of Railways. He played for the system of the preferred construction of railways treasury, as well as against the unconditional and unlimited guarantee on the bonds of private railways. Designed they draft reorganization of the rail sector (approved in March 1873) in the implementation of strong resistance caused MH Reitern. Bobrinsky promoted wide railway construction; at the time of his resignation (July 1874) railway network in the European part of Russia has exceeded 21 thousand. miles.