Aleksandr Viazemskij

Picture of Aleksandr Viazemskij

Date of Birth: 08/03/1727

Age: 65

Citizenship: Russia


Educated in the land Cadet Corps. He participated in the Seven Years` War, then played abroad various secret orders. In 1763, he was sent to Catherine II in the Ural factories to worry settled relations between peasants and owners of factories, as well as to study the situation of mountain plants. In 1764 he was appointed Attorney-General, as a man straight, honest, hard-working and gifted. Catherine, assuming to act through it against "of strongest men" and the Senate, if the latter went out of bounds, personally wrote Vyazemsky instruction ( "secret instruction"), in which, outlining the range of activities of the prosecutor-general, promised Viazemskii its full confidence in, and from he was waiting for "loyalty, diligence and frank candor." He remained in the position of about 29 years, almost until his death, despite the dislike for him close to the Empress persons. His activity was very diverse and expanded by orders him different institutions and businesses. So, in 1765 Vyazemsky was called to the superintendence landmark expedition; in 1767 he was assigned to work on the organization of the commission drafting a new Code; in 1768 under its control is given to the transfer of public money abroad and from 1780 it shall administer the affairs of all the money abroad; Vyazemsky in 1769 appointed a board member of the Imperial Court; with the 1771 financial statements by the Synod and the provincial administration is actually concentrated in the hands of Vyazemsky; in 1772 he was assigned to the draining of the marshes near St. Petersburg; in 1775 he was appointed head of the Office of guardianship of foreign settlers; in 1783 he was assigned to "structure" the Fontanka, the Catherine Canal, a policeman of the shaft and the theater, water works in Riga and postal business, in 1789 - the expedition management of state revenues. In the 80 years he was at the head of a number of separate branches of the administration, playing a role as a minister to the three departments: Justice, Interior and Finance. In the Senate Vyazemskij rose to prominence as a speaker before the Empress and the head of the entire Senate Chancellery; He declared His Majesty`s orders and resolutions of the Senate reports. According to GR Derzhavin, Vyazemsky concealed solution from senators. In his office were outstanding people:. Khrapovitsky, Vasilyev (later Minister of Finance), Derzhavin, etc. In 1789, he was paralyzed, the Empress is very sorry for his energetic "student", as she called Vyazemsky several years does not replace his position and He dismissed from the cases just six months before his death. - See "Notes Derzhavin."; ". Arch in September.", Volume XI - XV; "Reading", 1862,