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Date of Birth: 05/20/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Rybinsk

Citizenship: Russia



Alexander was born in the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region in the family of Nikolai Koltsov, chairman of the NGO "blockade of Leningrad." Mother Alexandra - a teacher of Russian language and literature. The teacher was also one of his grandmothers.

Even little Sasha asked for "dancing chorus" in four years, and then all the time with enviable persistence engaged in the ensemble of "Joyful childhood". The talented boy was spotted and invited to dance in another group under the leadership of the best choreographer of the city.

Normal University

After school, Alexander decided to enter GITIS on course PO Chomsky. The young man has already reached the contest, but then he had a serious conversation with my parents. Strictly speaking, they do it categorically forbidden, but was advised that in such a difficult time, it is worth thinking about some more practical profession.

Alexander listened to the arguments of parents and entered the Yaroslavl Pedagogical University Faculty of Philology. Ushinskogo, especially since he had to pedagogy because of heredity were interest and ability. For three years he worked at the Faculty of Russian philology and the history of world culture in a wonderful teacher, professor Tatyana S. Zlotnikova. Especially in detail, he studied the history of the theater Tairov and Meyerhold.

Still actor

All these years, the young man did not leave the idea of ??becoming an actor, and after the second year he transferred to the correspondence department to study in ... Theatre Institute. He enrolled in the Yaroslavl theatrical institute, and a year later went to Moscow, where he was received in GITIS (now the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts), specializing in "acting."

About his student life, Alexander recalls: "I studied at a tremendous rate and now, after five years after the end, we can say without false modesty that when we finished, many teachers, including our master, who had seen in his lifetime many all said that such courses are just 20-25 years. We have been acting and directing course and each semester, we showed very interesting independent works. Learning was fun, and there were fun things and adventures. Moreover, it so happened that with many of his fellow students, I crossed paths in their some projects - this Kostetskaya Oksana and Alex Rossoshanskij and Lena Moses. "

At the same time Alexander did and graduated from the Yaroslavl Pedagogical University. And after the GITIS, he studied at the International Masters RATA and taught a course at his master GP Ansimov.

musical Master

After GITIS Alexander Koltsov from 1998 to 2001 - played in various theaters of the capital: in the children`s musical theater "Impromptu" theater-cabaret "Die Fledermaus", Drama Theatre. Ostrovsky.

Just at this time in Russia started the fashion for musicals, and Alexander, having the casting, was admitted to the "Nord-Ost". There, he played several roles. Unfortunately, everyone knows the sad fate of the musical.

Later Alexander Koltsov overcame a tough selection (1,500 people on one place!) In Philip Kirkorov musical "Chicago." In this musical, Alexander sang and danced, was a backup Kirkorov and replaced it in many performances.

Alexander Koltsov admits: "The musical was interesting as a material for me, he`s allowed to test their capabilities. After all, if you take any western undisputed star, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Dustin Hoffman, and even Robert De Niro, for example, if you dig into their biography, it becomes clear that the first steps on the professional stage they performed in musicals. This genre is the most checks actor opportunities. For me, it has not yet passed stage, but now I already have their own priorities. And if the projects about which I dream will be realized, and I was lucky enough to participate in them, then I will be pleased. "

Currently playing in the new version of the musical "Chicago", now called "Once in Chicago," participates in the project "Myuzikl.ru", which sometimes works in Moscow on various platforms.

Movie. From episodes - to the main roles

His way in the movie Alexander Koltsov started with scenes in the films. "Poor Liza" and "Poisons or the World History of Poisoning" This was followed by small roles in the films "The keys of the abyss. Operation "GOLEM" (head) and `New Russian romance "(Alexander Belozerov).

The popularity of the young actor came in 2004, after the release of the series "Carmelita," where he played a gypsy Rych-Bogdan. The role has been executed so well that many of the audience really believed that the actor has gypsy roots. He praised the work of Alexander Koltsov and these gypsies Nicholas G. doctor and Irene B. Morozova, who played in the series.

"Apparently, gypsy particle exists in the Russian genetics, - says about Alexander Koltsov. - Personally, I am very interested in the topic and the gypsy culture. When I hear this music and see dance, I was "a burning desire." Who knows - maybe some kind of drop and there, but in the immediate genealogical branches of Roma do not have. "

Almost on par with "Carmelita" popular actor added shooting the comedy series "My Fair Nanny". Here Alexander Koltsov had a chance to play a French tutor Andre. "It was the refresher courses, - laughs the actor. - In the genre so bright eccentrics I had never worked. The proposal was very surprising, interesting and provocative. At first it seemed to me that I did not get, but then the process will succeed. And the director, Edward Radzyukevich, who filmed the series, and wonderful partners Zavorotnyuk Anastasia, Olga Prokofiev, Sergei Zhigunov - helped me a lot. "

Also in 2004, Alexander Koltsov starred as Kurganova in the joint Russian-French drama directed by Igor Minaev "Far from Sunset Boulevard", which tells about the formation of the national cinema in the 30 - 40s.

By its popularity Alexander Koltsov relates quite soberly: "I always said ironically, when someone, too, of course, ironic, saying, well, everything, now you`re a star! The format of the show is very specific - popular among certain categories of public. Do not ever think about it, the more that my character has grown in the course of the film, and originally referred to the characters of the second plan. For me it was kind of a surprise, perhaps, emotional bonus. I understand that it is the wave of popularity that I have now touched very shaky. It is like a tide that can quickly rush back, leaving mokrenkaya sand. "

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