Aleksandr Issatschenko

Picture of Aleksandr Issatschenko

Date of Birth: 08/12/1910

Age: 67

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Austria


Born in a family lawyer. Father Alexander Vasilievich - Vasily Lavrent`evich Isachenko known Russian lawyer and author of numerous works on jurisprudence - was a friend of the chief prosecutor of the Senate. And his uncle - Boris Lavrent`evich Isachenko (1871-1948) - academician, famous Russian microbiologist.

The family emigrated after the Revolution, settled in Klagenfurt (Austria). He graduated from the University of Vienna (1933), trained in Paris and Prague. One of the closest disciples Trubetzkoy (later husband of his eldest daughter, Helena). Taught in Vienna (1935-1938), Ljubljana (1939-1941), where he defended (1939) doctoral thesis on the description of one of the Slovene dialects in Carinthia, then until 1968 - in different universities and institutes in Czechoslovakia (in 1960-1965 . also worked in East Berlin). After the events of the Prague 1968 (she found him in Austria) has decided not to return to Czechoslovakia; He taught at the US University of California, Los Angeles (1968-1971) and again in Austria (Klagenfurt, 1971-1978). In the countries of the Soviet bloc in his name at the time it was banned.

He left memories of his life (published in German translation in 2003).

contribution to science

The main area of ??interest - synchronous and historical morphology of Russian language; also studied the history of Russian literature, including the features of the language, "Lay." The description of the morphology of the Russian tried to make the idea of ??the older generation structuralists of the Prague school, and later - some ideas of transformational grammar. Author of several grammatical descriptions of the modern Russian language, of which the most famous two-volume monograph "The grammatical structure of the Russian language in comparison with the Slovak". This grammar is, in some respects outdated, yet still retains its significance as an attempt to describe the holistic structural Russian grammatical system with elements vnutrislavyanskogo typological comparison. To describe the features of the Russian verb derivation platformers Isachenko coined the term "sovershaemost" (corresponding to it. Aktionsart), which had popularity in the 1960-1980-ies. Well aware of his contemporary European and American linguistic theory Isachenko also often acted as an astute critic of traditional works of Russian Language "Vinogradov school `, including academic grammar of the Russian language.

The founder of the magazine Russian Linguistics (1974), the first specialized international magazine in the Russian language.