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Golubtsov Aleksandr Petrovich - professor of church archeology and liturgy at the Moscow Theological Academy (1860 - 1911), a pupil and favorite of the leaders of this Academy EE Golubinsky, VO Kliuchevskoi and AP Lebedev. First-class scientist, Golubtsov was at the same time an outstanding lecturer. However Golubtsov held at the Academy a unique place as a powerful moral quantity. Man ideal of purity, ardent defender of truth, a friend of the offended resistant conservative in their views, but the enemy of all reactionary and enemy of all representatives of obscurantism and violence, Golubtsov gave the hard lessons of all the monks, being governor of the academy in recent years, tacitly taught and educated fellow service istudentov. When did the defeat of the Academy in 1906 - 07 years, Golubtsov behaved with rare courage. History tells about his performances. For an impossible struggle against repression of the Academy Kliuchevskoi Golubtsov I got together with other few adherents censure of the Holy Synod. "He was one of those when you look at who believe in man." Strict in relation to other, stricter Golubtsov has been to her. This had an impact on his scientific work. Cautious in the conclusions, beautiful handwriting expert in the material of his science, he took to study and lighting themes modest, but lead up work on them to comprehensive limits. This conclusion was often struck by the depth and brilliance. On the day of his death, he formulated the original, remarkably subtle look at the origin of iconography in our churches. But these findings Golubtsova were often at odds with the prevailing idyllic explanations of our rituals and called unfriendly top rating. Golubtsov died in the prime of life and talent. There is no doubt that the turmoil in the Moscow Academy reduced the life of this rare scholar and man. Its main work: "From the history of the image of the cross" in the "Additions to the works of the Fathers" (1889) (this article is caused by the refusal of the Holy Synod in the manual on the treatment of the author in poverty, ill with tuberculosis); "The debate about faith, caused by a matter of Prince Woldemar and princess Irina" (Wiley, 1891); "Monuments of faith debate" (Wiley, 1892); "Places of prayer meetings Christians I - III centuries" (Sergiev Posad, 1898); "From the history of ancient Russian icon painting" (Moscow, 1897); "Officials of the Novgorod Sophia Cathedral" (Wiley, 1899); "Officials Kholmogorsky Transfiguration Cathedral" (Wiley, 1903); "Officials of the Nizhny Novgorod Transfiguration Cathedral" (Wiley, 1905); "Officials of the Moscow Cathedral of the Assumption" (Wiley, 1908); "From the Christian iconography" (Sergiev Posad, 1903); "Conciliar officials and service features on them" (Wiley, 1907); "Collection of articles on liturgy and church archeology" (Sergiev Posad, 1911). -. See obituary in the number 7 - 8 "Theological Journal" (1911). I. Andreev.