Aleksandr Bulbov

Picture of Aleksandr Bulbov

Date of Birth: 04/03/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: n fishing.

Citizenship: Russia


Alexander Bulbov Arsen`evich born April 3, 1956 in the village Fishing Kaliningrad region. In 1979 he graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineering School of anti-missile defense, in 1993 - Academy of the FSB of Russia in 2003 - Russian Academy of Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation. He served in the armed forces, security agencies and law enforcement for over 30 years.

In the mid-1990s Bulbov established several security and commercial enterprises - including, according to the newspaper "Kommersant", the private security firm "Nemesis". In 2000-2003 he worked in the presidential envoy to the Northwestern Federal District Viktor Cherkesov, as well as in the State Duma and the Russian President Administration. In 2003, when the Federal Drug Control Service was established, Bulbov was appointed Head of its own security organization. Federal Drug Control Service headed by Cherkesov, Bulbov and quickly became his confidant. In 2004 he was appointed head Bulbov operational support department of the Federal Service for Drug Control (Federal Drug Control Service, the former Federal Drug Control Service).

October 3, 2007 a number of news agencies reported the arrest Bulbov. Detention, which was attended by operatives of the FSB and the staff of the investigative committee at the Prosecutor General`s Office of the Russian Federation, was made October 2, 2007 at the airport "Domodedovo". However Bulbov detained two operatives, senior officer of the same department and Gregory Cherevko Sergey Donchenko and former Deputy Head of Federal Drug Control Service Security Service, Yuri Ebal. It was reported that all four were suspected of illegal wiretapping. According to some data, Ebal, was detained along with Bulbov, Cherevko Donchenko and, on the other - two hours earlier in another area of ??Moscow.

According to the radio station "Echo of Moscow", even September 30, 2007 at home all four were searched. According to unofficial information, the information about the searches and forced to return to Russia Bulbov, interrupting a trip to the United Arab Emirates. It was also reported that the drugs police asked for special forces from their own departments to meet them at the airport. But the detention of the group entered directly on a plane and brought them to bypass the greeting. It was also reported that the detainees were trying to have a resistance to FSB. As a result, employees were taken to the Federal Drug Control Service detention center "Lefortovo".

Media linked the detention of employees of Federal Drug Control Service with the case on the organization of the illegal wiretapping of citizens in the management of special technical measures (USTM) Moscow police. According to it, in June 2007 as an accused held Deputy Chief Michael Yanykin this unit. Investigation Committee of the Prosecutor General`s Office provided the court testimony of the accused in the case, who reported Bulbov, Ebal and Donchenko. According to investigators, Bulbov received bribes "for the overall protection" from the companies ZAO "Company" Atek "," Company "Deliseyt", Ltd. "Lapis-D" and the private security firm "Nemesis-A." Part of the money he allegedly spent to pay for illegal wiretapping of citizens and organizations across the USTM Moscow police. Investigators believed that the general staff through subordinate Federal Drug Control Service and Ebal Donchenko paid employees USTM 50 thousand dollars per month listening phone number.

3 October 2007 Basmanny Court of Moscow issued an arrest warrant Ebal for two months. Consideration of the application of the prosecutor`s remand Bulbov, Cherevko and Donchenko was delayed for 72 hours. Source news agency RIA Novosti on investigative agencies said that while the charge brought against the general, but soon he would be arrested. In addition, according to the source, in the case Bulbov could soon be detained up to five employees of Federal Drug Control Service. The newspaper "Kommersant" reported that Bulba and Ebal suspected not only of illegal wiretapping, but in accepting bribes. And according to the newspaper "Vremya Novostei" Bulbov going to lay charges once in six articles of the Criminal Code: the excess and abuse of power, illegal participation in entrepreneurial activity, taking bribes, violating the secrecy of telephone conversations by using his official position and special equipment and divulging state secrets (and accusations of illegal business deal with it security company "Nemesis-A." According to Sergei Sevruk lawyer, investigators believe Bulbov true owners of the company, although its founder is the wife of the general.).

5 October 2007 Basmanny Court issued a warrant for the arrest of the general, satisfying the request of the investigative committee. The court did not take into account the guarantee of three deputy heads of the Federal Drug Control Service - Vladira Zubrin, Alexander Fedorov and Oleg Harichkin, ensure that Bulbov will not run away, if released on bail. The Court also authorized the arrest of Major Donchenko. Cervenka was released from prison in the evening on 3 October.

The newspaper "Your day" claimed that Bulbov suspected of creating a criminal gang that controls drug trafficking from Central Asia to Russia. According to her, one of the detainees, along with General Federal Drug Control Service personnel allegedly found about four kilograms of heroin and $ 2.5 million. In addition, the publication reported that Bulbov allegedly illegally captured land on the Curonian Spit, and is engaged in the resale of real estate. Information that Bulbov belong to any object on the Curonian Spit, confirmed the newspaper "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol. According to him, about a quarter of the real estate objects on the territory of the National Park is controlled Bulbov and decorated for his wife and relatives. Rosprirodnadzor has collected materials on violation of the law on the part of the general and handed them over to the prosecutor`s office and, according to Mitvol, of the charges that may be brought against Bulbov be precisely Rosprirodnadzor line.

"Kommersant" wrote that General owns two apartments in Rublevskoye highway and street Elninskaya, as well as two houses in Moscow and Moscow region. According to the newspaper, the FSB for five hours could not enter a home Bulbov because they let commandos Federal Drug Control Service. Police officers claimed that relatives had to general search hide some value because they have been found only "empty boxes out of the jewelry." At home Bulbov also found 17 mobile phones with SIM-cards, decorated on straw men. Bulbov`s lawyers have stated that these phones are used to call informants.

Several media voiced version that cause arrest of four senior Federal Drug Control Service has been a long-standing confrontation between the security forces. According to the newspaper "Vremya Novostei" Bulbov recently been investigating high-profile case of "Three whales" and the case of smuggling of consumer goods from China, which passed through the warehouses of one of the Russian special services. Back in 2005, the order of President Putin`s operational support of those cases was requested Federal Drug Control Service. In the media there was an information, if it is a result of this work in the spring of 2006 the FSB, five senior staff were dismissed. Accordingly, the case against Bulbov, known as one of the closest associates of the head of Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Cherkesov, journalists and many officials regarded as "retaliation" the FSB.

Columnist radio station "Echo of Moscow" Yulia Latynina said that the detention of General Drug Control - the brightest episode of the war between the two largest Kremlin clans. At the same time it is recognized that there is still information about episodes of the war did not get into the press. At the same Gosnarkokontrol journalists of radio station "Echo of Moscow" declared that there was no reason to arrest General Bulbov. According to the official representative of the Ministry of Alexander Mikhailov knows Bulbov personally and for a long time, Lt. Gen. highly decent and honest man.

The version of wiretapping seemed unconvincing and State Duma deputy and journalist Alexander Khinshtein. According to him, Bulbov was fully aware that the FSB closely monitors its work and that any wrongful act immediately will lead to some serious consequences for him. Hinstein said the story reminds Bulbov story with MIA investigator Pavel Zaitsev, who was the first investigator on the case of the "Three whales". Footwork Zaitseva led to the proceedings initiated against him of the criminal case he was found guilty of abuse of office and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Hinstein stressed that as a result of detention of order again were derived key figures, to investigate the "Three whales", and a case of smuggling of Chinese - that is, those cases in which, in his words, "there is a direct interest of individual leaders of the FSB." Furthermore, the detention of Federal Drug Control Service employees, in his opinion, will allow special services to solve two more important tasks. Firstly, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor`s Office has an opportunity to take away the Federal Drug Control Service operative support of high-profile cases of contraband, handing them Lubyanka (and the case of "Three whales" called the head of the UK Alexander Bastrykin among the loudest). Secondly, a significant blow to the reputation of applied Cherkesov, who has long been in the personnel reserve of the President: According Hinstein, the summer of 2007 in the government was actively discussed the possibility of appointing Cherchesova Russian Security Council Secretary.

October 9, 2007 the investigative committee presented Bulbov charged under several articles of the Criminal Code. In particular, he was accused of illegally "tapping" phone calls. For information about what the accused is still general, the press did not receive. It does not even reported on how many articles he was charged. Donchenko and Gevalu also been charged. No specific information about the nature of these allegations in the media have been reported.

Bulbov has pleaded not guilty. According to his lawyer, Sergei Antonov, the general refused to sign a secrecy of the investigation and expressed his indignation at attempts a subscription he get. The lawyer explained that the consequences of these actions violate the law because the defendants may defend themselves by any means and ways not prohibited by law. Antonov described the attempt to take away Bulbov sign legal confidentiality investigation as pressure on the accused. The lawyer also told reporters that Bulbov protection will not appeal the charges against him, since neither the lawyers nor their client of charges do not recognize. Bulbov himself linked his detention ties with his official duties. According to the suspect, he and his subordinates carried out specific assignments of investigators in cases of smuggling of furniture and smuggling of Chinese consumer goods. For information about working on what the detainees, and confirmed the head of the Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Cherkesov. On October 9, the newspaper "Kommersant" published his article in which Cherkesov admitted the existence of "War of special services", which affected Federal Drug Control Service. In this article, the Federal Security Service never directly mentioned, although in fact Cherkesov confirmed that between this Office and the Federal Drug Control Service there is confrontation and made it clear that the Federal Drug Control Service staff can be delayed for this reason. The head of Federal Drug Control Service has stated claim to the Investigative Committee under the Prosecutor General`s Office, reproaching him in the lack of independence (again, not saying directly, regardless of what structures are missing the newly established Committee). Cherkesov his speech explained the interests of preserving stability in the country: in his view, the problem has become so serious that it should be discussed, not gloss over or turned into "a big squabble."

October 15 Prosecutor General`s Office, considering the arrest Bulbov unfounded, filed in the Moscow City Court appeal submission. Prosecutors argued that the Basmanny Court accepted the findings of the investigation belief about the presence in the "suspect, his clothes, with him or in his home," the traces of crimes, but the proof of the conclusions of the investigation has not been submitted, and communication actions Bulbov and those who have fallen previously under criminal prosecution was justified only brought against the general and two of his subordinates charge. Office demanded to cancel the decision to arrest the representative of the Federal Drug Control Service, and the petition Chief SC Department of the Prosecutor`s Office of the Russian Federation Albert Bogdanovich on the conclusion Bulbov custody direct a new trial. The trial of the Prosecutor General`s presentation was scheduled for October 31 - the same day as the examination of appeal lawyers Bulbov is also considered the arrest illegal and unfounded accusations.

October 18 Moscow`s Basmanny court issued a warrant for the arrest of the former drug control officer Alexander Gusev. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor`s Office explained to journalists that Gusev was arrested in connection with the involvement in the crime, in which suspected Bulba Ebal and Donchenko. We also learned that the case, which forms the Bulbov, was initiated in June 2007 against Yanykina and later the case was merged with the criminal cases against the employers Gorokhov and Nesterenko, who, according to investigators, passed Yanykinu bribes (totaling about 40 thousand dollars) for wiretapping. The same day, the wife of General Bulbov Galina Bulbov told the newspaper "Kommersant" that refused the services of lawyers, allegedly encouraged her husband`s Federal Drug Control Service for the protection of the court. Bulbov considered ongoing line of protection neffektivnoy and hired new lawyers. However, she said, to issue the admission that lawyers may not earlier than one week after receiving treatment in the General Prosecutor`s Office and her husband "has already transferred from the detention facility, that it might have something to happen," and gave orders concerning his burial. Bulbov also promised to sue Mitvol, because, contrary to his assertions, on Kurshkoy spit her husband belongs only to the ancestral home.

Sami lawyers, and former (Antonov and Sevruk) and new (you know the name of one of them - Konstantin Lopushansky) explained to reporters that the question of who will protect Bulbov, must decide for himself Bulba simultaneously to meet with all their lawyers and in writing expressing their will. Until then, it should be protected and will be engaged in Sevruk and Antonov.

October 19, it became known as the Russian president praised the performance in the printing head of Federal Drug Control Service, who defended Bulbov and his colleagues. Putin said he did not read the article itself, but after listening to her retelling of the main ideas of the journalist, "Kommersant", agreed to comment on the publication. Responding to a question about whether there is a war between the special services, Putin said that he considers incorrect pass in the media the problem of relations between the security services in Russia and that he, "in place of people who defend the honor of the uniform, did not blame the answer all in a row, especially through the media. " According to Putin, who acts in this way, "he first has to be perfect."

Bulbov fought in Afghanistan, was wounded and awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Order "For Bravery" Republic of Afghanistan, and even to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union. Bulbov included in the subcommittee of the Public Chamber on the problems of combating corruption. All who knew him, convinced that Bulbov could not do anything illegal.