Aleksander Polovcev

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Date of birth: 03.01.1958

Age: 58

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


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Alexander Polovtsev was born January 3, 1958 in Leningrad and grew up - on Vasilyevsky Island. There he played with their peers in the war games, organized "headquarters" ... Actor - in the third generation from St. Petersburg, the deep "roots" go back to rural life: his great-grandfather lived in the village and often came to St. Petersburg to trade on Sadovaya Street crayfish and fish. Every summer, little Sasha went to visit him, and when an adult today Polovtsev Alexander comes to the parents to the country and helps them to dig potatoes, it covers such a nostalgia for childhood!

In fact, in his childhood the boy was left to himself. Father was not at home for a long time, he went in foreign traffic, and my mother went to work early in the factory and returned late. Young Alexander Polovtsev tried not to upset her mother, who for all their employment is still taught his son to order. The boy learned early to wash and iron their school clothes. And the school is always everything was normal - Photo Sasha even hung on the honor roll.

Of course, my mother dreamed of seeing their child soldier. She believed that her son very much and will go to the military uniform, and a cutlass. And every time for a walk when they met cadets from the Naval Academy named after Frunze, not far from where the family lived, she tried to impress his dream son. Sailors Alexander Polovtsev did not become, even as a child, and indulged in dreams of seas and oceans, I wanted to dive to the bottom, as Jacques-Yves Cousteau, as a result of the "dove" in the acting profession. The mother was a school drama club, where for some reason, doing some girls and Alexander Polovtsev. There`s something Alexander Polovtsev and finally decided to link their fate with the acting.


From the first time a theatrical institution Alexander Polovtsev still not obeyed, and not to dally, had to go to study in the college of marine engineering. From next year, giving the girls from the office of a box of chocolates, he took his documents and successfully passed the entrance exams, was admitted to the acting department. At the end of LGITMiK in 1976 Alexander Polovtsev was in the army, who was with agitation and an artistic bent, that is, military service has become a launching pad to further theatrical life.

After the service, Alexander Polovtsev worked in the St. Petersburg theater "Time". During his work in the theater who only played the actor: Don Juan, Koshchey Immortal and even Baba Yaga ... a distinctive and feminine image .... With it, a Baba Yaga, and he was even in Germany, where his Granny German said.

When Polovtsiev worked in the theater, he is often invited to the cinema, the theater but he could not be absent, it was the Studio Theatre: actors themselves came on tour, put yourself decorations themselves playing themselves loaded and moved to another city. And, of course, about any second composition and speech could not be, and then completely ceased to invite to the movies ...


Only in 1989, director Sergei Ovcharov suggested Alexander Polovtsev a major role in the epic bureaucratic dialogue and story Russian classics satirist Saltykov-Shchedrin Russian about life settlement Glupov headed tyrant-mayor. In this eccentric tragicomedy actor he played the role of the second plan, but with some cast: Rolan Bykov and Natalia Gundareva Svetlana Kryuchkov and Margarita Terekhova, Leonid Kuravlev and Rodion Nakhapetov, Oleg Tabakov and Vera Glagolev.

Then there were the shooting Yuri Mamin in the comedy-farce about rapidly arisen in the provincial town society Pushkinists "Whiskers" in partnership with Viktor Sukhorukov, Alexander Medvedev and Arthur Waha and the secondary role, which is very succeeded Alexander Polovtsev, in the author`s cinema Boris Frumina "Viva Castro! ". In this retro-drama, in the "space of Soviet reality" which the director called "a romantic, lyrical and naive," revealed outstanding talent Alexander Polovtsev.

The actor was spotted directors. Dmitry Meskhiev invited Alexander Polovtsev for the lead role of James - a friend of Boris, superbly played by Viktor Bychkov, in his painting, narrating about the idea of ??creating bombs energetic revolutionaries.


Many actors criticized series and condemn colleagues who appear in advertisements. Alexander Polovtsev looks at it differently, in his opinion: "The actor must be different to show. After all, it`s our job - to be able to be different. So why is the actor in years to play the same role, or be loyal to one and the same scene? No need to take up arms in the series, they saved many unemployed actors from starvation. I am very happy that fate gave me the role of Major Solovtsov ". Undoubtedly, the actor rights, the fate of not only gave him the role, but turned his entire cinematic life upside down.

Alexander Polovtsev the role of Major Solovtsov agreed at once: at the time he was out of work. By the way, if none of the future "cops" and did not think of undertaking will that happen, then everyone just doing their job. all eight series was filmed in 1997 under the title "Streets of broken lamps." Then there were the year, but hope for the continuation of supplies: the success of "The Streets of Broken Lamps" was huge - the series has become really popular. Maybe after the "experts" for a long time there was no such thing, and maybe the "experts" was another policeman was not smoke, do not drink and rise in rank, or at least, if it was on the screen in a movie . ... And the secret police today, most likely that their heroes - ordinary guys, like any street, strongly humanized, one drink, two divorces, and the third ...

An interesting fact is that Alexander Polovtsev starred in several series with his family: his wife Julia - she`s an actress, and son Stepan played themselves -Family. The sixth series Cops was a scene when Solovetz aka Polovtsev and his wife were lying in bed, and the phone rang. Major zasobiralsya and Julia - and wife in the film and in life, asked: "Where are you?" And I heard a gruff man answer the scenario and present husband, lover, "prostitutes".

Then, during a short break between filming new adventures "cops" actor managed to play in two scenes Dmitry Meshieva: passionate Yasha, acting on impulse, not from the mind, and "the senses" in the melodrama "The American" and the right head cine group in the classic melodrama "Women`s property" with a magnificent trio of brilliant actors: Elena Safonova, Keira Knightley and Nina Usatova.

Directed by Yuri Mamin at this time invited Alexander Polovtsev in its most unsocial comedy of the ten-kinonovell anecdotes of different times and peoples, the theme of marriage and common actors: Yury Tomoshevskim and Kirill Lavrov, Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Svetlana Solovyova.

Again, the role of Major Solovtsov all in the same "Streets of Broken Lamps", then in the series "lethal force" and "New adventures of cops." Again, a break, or rather even lull Alexander Polovtsev not shot a few years. In 2004 he was invited to the role in the film "his" and he played Antipova in the sensational series "Fall of the Empire".

Recent works

And calm again before rewarding, extremely fruitful, 2007. The role of Dmitry Meshieva in the TV series "Princess and the Pauper", which was on the first channel with great success. At the same time it was proposed to play characters close Solovtsov for the service profile. it is the role of the camp in the TV series "Commando", and the head, however, the social services, in the film "The Cook". Aleksandr Pavlov Polovtsev played strictly in the military film "Leningrad". The shooting took place in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and in Pskov. We had to be torn, but not the first time the actor to travel the country.

Alexander Polovtsev managed to go to Fort Boyard, to participate in the "fear factor" and Dmitry Nagiyev starred in "Adventures of Zadoff Ensign." There actor portrayed a woman who played the teacher and did not feel too comfortable. Tights are constantly slipping with shorts - had to pull, it turned out to be a bra, not where it is necessary.

"Women play hard, because it is very uncomfortable. A high heel shoes! This is true masochism - to expose themselves to such torture. Skirt, when you walk down the stairs constantly rises upwards and a bra, on the contrary, all the time falls. But I have learned all this wear, like women who do not even notice for a certain sign "- with a smile likes to remember the actor and at this moment is always eloquent and deftly picks up from the shoulder strap of the bra imaginary.

Alexander Polovtsev until now acted in commercials, he touts the juice "My Family", and together with his wife and son. Wow, and he earn money, but decided to come up with-customers that Polovtsi whole family play commercials. But my daughter and son are not his, they - the Moscow artists.


Alexander Polovtsev, unlike its most important serious character Solovtsov, most cheerful optimist in the company of actors - "cops", but it is quite short-tempered. Probably temper generally acting trait. He and his wife together for more than 20 years. His wife, the actress by training, too, can break, and then a violent quarrel begins. Sometimes - bam! - One plate, bam! - Other: kitchen utensils in the course is.

But the strong-willed decision is still in the house of Alexander Polovtsev politely inferior to take his wife. True, long resisted, sometimes even cursing, pounding his fist on the table, slams the door, but, nevertheless, does as says the beloved. His son Stepan Alexander Polovtsev provides to make life choices. He does not want to insist on anything and something to offer. But to help, of course, refuses. The only thing that he wants a father to son was a good man, a real gentleman, it was, and it did not seem ...

"Georgich", the famous Major Solovtsov often be found not only on set, but in the restaurant "Street of Broken Lamps". He is not only a frequenter of this institution, but it is also, along with his co-owner Trukhin. "The series has a finish - let it remain a restaurant. Before the infinity nothing happens! Although we sometimes joke that can be removed in space Cops, Cops and alien crime ... "- making fun of actor Alexander Polovtsev.


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