Aleksander Bodisko

Picture of Aleksander Bodisko

Date of Birth: 10/18/1786

Age: 68

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Born in 1786 in St. Petersburg.

Diplomatic service began in April 1799, he entered a cadet in the titular board of Foreign Affairs. In 1812-1836 he served in the Russian embassy in Sweden and Norway.

In 1837 he sent to the US. In the context of the reorientation of Russian foreign policy of rapprochement with Britain due to refusal of further strengthening of Russian-American relations are actively defended the need to maintain links with the United States as "traditional ally" of Russia and the "real and only political friend, you can rely on." Strongly suggest the government of Nicholas I, combined with the efforts of the United States under section between Russia and the United States Upper California and the San Francisco Bay, "escaping from the hands of the weakening of the Mexican government." 1 But his proposal did not enjoy the support of the king and Karl Nesselrode, coincided with the persistent suggestions of the Russian-American company to refuse the settlement of Ross.

In 1840, at the age of 54, Alexander Bodisko married 16-year-old American schoolgirl. This unequal marriage was a happy one: over the next 14 years, the couple had five children. Respected and very popular in the United States under the name "Uncle Sasha".

With an impressive personal capital, it had significant contributions both in Russia and in the United States. In total Bodisko remained Russia`s envoy to the United States for 17 years, setting a record tenure for Russian diplomats, surpassed only in the Soviet times, Anatoly Dobrynin (24 years).

He died in 1854, buried in the United States.