Alec Brook-krasny

Picture of Alec Brook-krasny

Age: 57

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: United States


Alec Brook-Krasny was born in 1958 in Moscow. He studied at the Moscow Institute of Technology, who was then the Office of the Ministry of Consumer Services. Work Alec was in the service of repair of household appliances Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow region, becoming a pretty young chief of the unit - he was then only 24 years old.

It was his first experience to manage people. By his own admission Alec, those 60 people that were under him, seemed to him a very large group, however, if he did not know that would be a much larger head later.

Later in life Alec was working in all kinds of co-operatives, and in 1989 he was able to emigrate to the US, where he has always wanted.

But first, before entry to the United States, he spent a year in Italy, where he received a new experience - Alec worked fisherman dragged across the network morning. Despite the rather heavy physical labor, this year Alec remembers as the best year in my life - a small Italian village near Rome, a round table in the evening, nice people, great food.

Arriving in the States, he had to look for yourself - to work in different places; he began with a peddler of flowers.

Soon he was promoted to a certain height and the fuel companies, but by the time Brook-Krasny already planned to start their own business.

By the way, it is his decision to the most directly affected by the need to hold the celebration of the birth of his daughter Alec, Rebecca. It was 1995, and searching for restaurants, Alec saw a free niche in this business. So, soon appeared in Brooklyn entertainment options for children `Fanorama` (Funorama). Alec then managed to attract investors to the project - Russian immigrants who came to the United States before. Today, on the site of his former club is a supermarket `NetCostMarket`.

In 1997, Brook Red chose `Predprinimatelemgoda` magazine`s` Leisure and Entertainment`. In the words of Alec, he was then a little surprised, however, as the proud.

In general, his club entertainment later became the start for a political career, namely politics and engaged in Brook-Krasny. For example, in `Fanoramu` came a lot of people, including local politicians, a place it has become a kind of community center, and gradually Alec got connections, acquaintances. Over time, Alec became something of a district council member and later he entrusted the treasury. In 2000, Brook-Krasny first ran for the Assembly in New York. Then, for that matter, and the next, the year 2001, it has failed. However, do not despair, and even on the contrary, even more carried away, Brook-Krasny continued on his way into politics.

Place in the Assembly fell to him in 2006 - he became a member of the 46th precinct. So, Alec Brook-Krasny was the first Russian in the New York Assembly. By this time he was uzheznakom with many American politicians and managed to establish himself as a man of business, and has many working qualities, and therefore no particular shock Americans had by Russian neighborhood.

Alec recognized that the policy - it is something completely different from the business, and, despite the fact that it was a pretty big leader in the field of business, here it took him quite different knowledge and skills. `Policy - this is something that differs radically from the rest. And I had to change many things in my own mentalitete` - said Brook-Krasny.

And in general, he was very interested in what he was doing. Asked whether he was the right choice sure - go into politics - Alec responds very sensibly: `I think there is a normal, adequate man who believes that he is always in my life did, at any time, the right choice. I do not znayu`. However, he hopes that his choice is correct.