Alberto Palacio Vizcaino

Picture of Alberto Palacio Vizcaino

Age: 22

Citizenship: Colombia

The Eye - a knife

Now the 22-year-old Colombian Alberto Vizkayno executioner was the victim stabbed when healthy blade pierced his eye.

Through the efforts of the doctors the victim was able to recover and not lose the ability to see.

According to the message, Vizkayno was in his hometown of Solitude (Soledad), when it attacked his sister`s boyfriend.

The attacker, 22-year-old Daniel Del Valle Serrano, took out a knife and stabbed him in the left eye by Alberto, then fled the scene.

Vizkayno told local media: `Daniel showered me with insults, she grabbed a knife and when I tried to move away from him, suddenly attacked menya`.

Alberto was taken to hospital, where he spent 18 hours with a knife in the head before being able to assemble a team of doctors, capable to remove the blade.

Blade length 25 cm penetrated the skull of approximately 8 cm directly into the orbit Vizkayno, and pierced his brain.

`I tried to remove the blade itself - says Colombian. - But I did not succeed. The blade entered plotno` too.

Thanks to Dow neurosurgeon Alberto Acosta, who led the operation, Vizkayno alive.

Doctors have perfectly coped with a bad case, retaining 90% of the patient`s visual abilities, and they did so in order not to hurt his brain.

Dr. Acosta said, `After we took out a knife, has been evaluated and found the state pupillary reflexes, indicating benevolent iskhod`.

Vizkayno relief adds: `I still clearly see, and no discomfort net`.

Relatives of the victim to the police, but the attacker is not found.

To date, Alberto Vizkayno executioners, whose condition is regarded as stable, is in Mercy Clinic in the city of Barranquilla (Barranquilla).

Perhaps the patient will move another step.