Albert Wandtman

Picture of Albert Wandtman

Citizenship: Russia


In 1605, together with the army first pretender arrived in Russia, and until his death in a hundred as captain led alebardnikov, bodyguards False Dmitry I, which consisted of foreigners. After the uprising of Muscovites (June 1606) tried to escape from the capital, but was arrested and sent together with Marina Mniszek and her father Yuri Mniszek, as well as others. Pol. princes in Yaroslavl, in prison. However, apparently, B. managed to still escape from custody, because in May 1607 he was already in the army Bolotnikov, and when the rebels left the Kaluga, Tula, the captain was abandoned commander in Kaluga. In January. 1610 with honors received in Kaluga fled from Tushino False Dmitry II. Following his service, B. was in the rank of Kaluga. magistrates, but, according to K. Bussova, "then fell out of favor at Dimitri and was dismissed because refused to go against the King of Poland." In his place we put some Casimir. Poles sought as soon as possible to get rid of the imposter and decided to use for this purpose V. KH. Rozhen handed him a note in which "was written to Skotnicki rallied around him all the Poles who were at outposts in the Kaluga region, and they would have grabbed Dimitri and brought him to the camp ... Memo courtier Casimir gave to Demetrius, saying that he I read what he writes treacherous warlord governor Skotnicki Rozhen. Once Dimitri reading the note, found out that he is so insidious to be captured Skotnicki, he was furious and immediately, not to investigate the case and did not perpetrate the interrogation, ordered the executioner and his assistant to take Skotnicki night, take him to the river Oka, which flows in Kaluga and pull it through the ice. When the poor man asked why with it so do what he done in chemego crime, why him, not listening to him and without asking, so turning this crown, improvised executioner replied that Demetrius the king had ordered them not to argue with him and drag him into the river. They threw a rope around his neck and rushed him to the river, as if they were dragging a dead dog. His last words were: "If such is the reward for what I have for 2 years so faithfully served and sustained such a heavy siege, yes mercy on me Lord!" His wife and children had been taken away everything they had, and given Pan Kazimir perfect for their betrayal.

Vladimir Boguslavsky