Albert Buitenhuis

Picture of Albert Buitenhuis

Nationality: New Zealand

too thick for New Zealand

Baytenhays Albert (Albert Buitenhuis) living in New Zealand since 2007, having arrived there from South Africa. He never committed any crime and did not enter into conflict with the law, but, as it turned out, this is not enough in order not to be expelled from the country.

It should immediately be said that Albert - man marker. It weighs 130 kg, and Albert himself said that 6 years ago, he weighed 30 kg less, but gained weight after quitting smoking.

Whatever it was, the weight of Alberta turned banned for life ... for the country. As absurd as it may sound, but everything is imennotak - Albert Baytenhays was recognized `too fat to live in New Zelandii`.

By the way, when Albert arrived in the country, its weight does not bother anyone in 2007 (though he says he got it later). He found work as a cook and did not even know that the government passed a law that regulates the entry of people with obesity. So when Albert needed a regular work visa, he denied it.

These rules relate to the fact that in recent years, New Zealand came out of the countries-champions in obesity among the population, but because the New Zealand government has decided to struggle with excess weight of their citizens by all means, including the limit for fat people for entry.

Albert and his wife Marty were simply crushed - in addition to the humiliation suffered by a man, it is, in fact, shown the door, and that they did not take the situation that has already happened, and it is easy to forget not succeed. Of course, they have submitted their application to the Ministry of Immigration and stocked the necessary inquiries, and the authorities in the meantime gave Albert the time - 26 weeks - the fact that `bring myself back to normal `.

As a result, the petition was discussed, and Albert was allowed to remain inthe country, but joy neither he nor his wife otchego-to not experienced. In his blog, Albert wrote that, despite the relief, they would very much like to find a way to forget the unpleasant incident.

Today, Albert, frightened by the authorities, urgent way thinner. He has already lost enough weight and plans to lose weight and still, but happiness from Farewell to kilograms is still there.

Meanwhile, the Department of Immigration said that `it is essential that all migrants have an acceptable level of health, in order to minimize costs and demands on health services in New Zealand `.