Alan Del Rosario

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Year of birth : 2006

Age: 9 years

Citizenship: United States


`Alan Del Rosario` - American fashion line. Was first introduced to the world March 21, 2006 th, at Fashion Week `Mercedes Benz Fashion Week`;Success came almost immediately to the designer - not left him to this day.

Many people remember the maker line, Alan Del Rosario (Alan Del Rosario), in his previous project; He called also quite unpretentious - `Del Rosario`.

Alan himself arrived in the US with Fillippin (Philippines) at the end of the 80s; in the Philippines it -in order to comply with the wishes of the parents - studied civil engineering, but in the States it has resulted in a desire to engage in design.Parents its design did not seem serious profession; in fact, this is why Alan and made them an oral agreement - first study something more practical, then so be engaged realization of their dreams.Arriving in Los Angeles, del Rosario entered the Institute of fashion, design and advertising (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising); passing a crash course, he spent some time in a major fashion company - where he became acquainted with all the tricks of the practical side of the fashion business, and then launched his own project.

Dresses Alan first line cost in his time on the order of $ 800-900; a new generation of works del Rosario which is estimated as the higher - price, depending on the chosen style ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 dollars.

Powered del Rosario primarily to contemporary women; his characteristic outfits combine simplicity with a mysterious complication.The greatest emphasis Alan makes to the practicality and convenience of dresses; In his opinion, it is the convenience of portable and a good bit of hiding the true sexuality. The designer has repeatedly pointed out that the outfit can open to the audience as much as - and yet look completely asexual,if the viewer at first glance be seen that the bearer of it in this dress barely moves. To tell, how such a proposition is true, it is difficult; however, it is best for Alan say its women customers.

The outfits worn by Del Rosario Michelle Pfeiffer (Michele Pfeiffer), Debra Messing (Debra Messing),Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) and Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore).

At the moment, Alan is working on a line of women`s clothing; alone he produces T-shirts and jeans.

Headquartered label `Alan del Rosario` located in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California).

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