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BiographyAlan Alda has his role, he often plays ambitious leaders, corrupt and unethical, as if to show that the spectator who they are really are.

Real name: Alfonso Joseph D`Abrutstso

Height: 188 cm

Born : January 28, 1936 in New York, USA

Father: actor Robert Alda, Alfonso Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto D`Abrutstso (1914-1986)Mother: Joan Brown, winner of the title "Miss New York "

Brother: actor Anthony Alda

Wife: Arlene Alda, nee Weiss, a well-known photographer and author of children`s books, musician

Children : daughter Eve, Elizabeth and Beatrice, thanks to them, Alan Aldy seven grandchildren

Education: High School Archbishop Stepinaka in White Plains, New York.

1956 -Fortdamskogo bachelor`s degree from the University of New York, USA. At the initial stage of training in Fortdamskm University, Alan Alda time to unlearn the Sorbonne. " Second City ", New - York, and "Compass " Gayanisport, MA - schools in which Alda studied acting

Military service : 1956-1957, the reserve troops of the US ArmyAlias " Alda " combines the Italian and Irish roots of the actor : Alfonso and D`Abrutstso. Robert Alda took to the nickname as a stage, and his sons, Alfonso and Anthony, with the joy of it was taken up.

At the age of seven years, Alan Alda suffered polio, but thanks to the efforts of doctors and parents quickly went on the mend. Small roles in the TV series, Alan Alda starts to play from an early age. As a student, he played on the Roman stage and appeared on television. And immediately after learning to play on the stage of Theatre of Cleveland.

Alan Alda has received high marks for the Broadway show critics "The Owl and the Pussycat", it was a real success for Alan ,The first theater work, and the first victory. But that`s not all. There were "Puerile Victorious" and "Fair Game for Lover", which brought the world to Alan theatrical award and was the play "The Apple Tree", the first nomination for Tony. Generally on his Tony nominated twice for "The Apple Tree" and for his role in " Jake`s Women " Neil Simons, and in 1998 ,play " the Art ", in which Alan Alda played a major role, received a Tony nomination "the best new play. " But all of this theater. Movies, that`s where to look for this is Alan Alda.

The first role in the film - the revival of the role of the "Puerile Victorious", in the film "Gone are the days", 1963. But still,the beginning of a serious film career can be considered the role of George Plimpton in " Paper Lion " (Paper Lion), 1968. Then, of course there were other roles: in the movie " Jenny " (Jenny), 1969 in the "War of moonlight " (The Moonshine War), 1970 and in " Mephisto Waltz ", 1971. However, none of these roles, and the other, the role of captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce ,from the series "M * A * S * H", Alan has brought worldwide fame. He is the only person, when - either received 4 nominations in the " Emmy " as a writer, director and lead actor (twice !) Just for the series "M * A * S * H". Interestingly, Pierce Alan Alda did not want to play to the last, with those in the truest sense of the word. He agreed to the role for six hours before the start of filming the pilot issue. 11 years, he was shooting for this series and for 11 years was torn between a home in New Jersey and a film set in Los Angeles. Alan Alda almost rejects the role of Pierce, it is not pleasing to the war in any of its manifestations, which is why, by signing a contract for the shooting ,Alda needs to include a mandatory item of the contract, according to which in each series must have at least one scene in the operating room. Already in 1980, the weekly fee of Alan is 220 000 $.

Alan Alda has his role, he often plays ambitious leaders, corrupt and unethical, as if to show that the audience ,who they really are. Alan Alda successful, hardworking, on - really kind and intelligent person. More than 40 roles are played them in the movies. A sufficient number of awards he received for his role, including an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe, DBA Award, Audience Award " the most attractive singer ", NBR Award, NYFCC Award,Humanitas prize and finally Oscar. In addition, he leads an active social life.

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