Picture of Aj

Year of birth : 1969

Age: 46 years

Citizenship : United States


AJ - famous woman with a completely unique memory. She remembers perfectly all events, even those that took place decades ago. AJ is able to name the most minute details of any day.

At present, this woman over forty. Since then, a few years ago, she told about their capabilities to scientists, it is not left alone. Still would,so rare memory could not be the subject of careful analysis specialists.

Initially AJ studied by psychiatrists and neurologists Cali

Then it was assumed that the emergence of the phenomenon of stress hormones and contribute to a variety of forces emotions. Some doctors have argued that it is the emotional strength will allow

However, it later turned out ,that this hypothesis is not only complete, but also wrong. Because scientists have continued to study the amazing abilities of women. Soon they came to the conclusion that the events that remembers the AJ, are not

Woman with amazing memory different from other ordinary individuals ,who have repeatedly demonstrated over the normal capabilities

Careful brain scanning and other advanced research of a woman with a unique memory likely to allow uch

At present, the strange woman AJ carefully hidden from curious onlookers. B

The most advanced of the doctor say that before to explain the phenomenon ,should understand it. Whether researchers can expand the phenomenon of " on

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