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Immigrants from rainy Seattle, Aiden combine post-hardcore and punk with gothic aesthetics, as well as a love of the unexpected bursts of sound and creating a grim, but amazingly melodic music.

History Aiden began in spring 2003. Initially comprised of V. Jake (Jake W), Angel (Angel) Jake D. (Jake D) and Vila (Wil).Initially the group met for the purpose of fun, well, now we see where it led them :)

His first gig the band played in July 2003 in a pizzeria in downtown Seattle, which was called "2nd ave Pizza", after which they wrote only 5 songs.The group then started to give a lot of concerts and writing more songs,most of which subsequently will be included in the debut full-length album titled "Our Gang`s Dark Oath" (literally: "Dark Oath our group"). Nick (Nick) was adopted by the group in the winter of 2003 and unanimously decided that he will play the bass guitar, and Wil (Wil) will only sing. Later, in December,Aiden went into the studio to record his first CD; producer became Steve Carter (Steve Carter), which wil met in the previous group, in which he played to Aiden.

As a result, it was born of their creation "Our Gang`s Dark Oath". The boys took the sampling and the rest of the work on CD in their hands. As a result, they have released about 2 ,000 copies of their two demo tapes and selling them at concerts, given to friends, and so on. D.Reliz took place in June 2004.

2004 was for Aiden quite complex, exciting year during which they had to work constantly. They managed to play more than a hundred concerts, released their debut album as well,like the split with one group from Santa Cruz, remove two clips and attract the attention of Victory Records. This young group as Aiden, then does not hurt that two of its members were in VUZ`e.Oni still had the right to make their choice. These guys have always enjoyed the chance to get a break from the group,went to a trip during the Christmas holidays. When asked about this Vila, he said: "We all miss your friends, families. .. With these guys, who still go to college, we always have the opportunity to get a rest This is my family, my brothers, and it is natural. that we should all be together. "

But as time passed, and already in 2005. And Angel, Jake C., Nick, Jake D. and Wil is not going to slow down the pace of work. Jake D. and Angel graduate from university in June. On August 16, the end of the planned work on the album titled "Nightmare Anatomy" (literally: "Anatomy / analysis of a nightmare") on the Victory records studio.Guys become a cult band in the United Kingdom (U.K.). In May, they work with "Silverstein" and "the Black Maria", and in July with "the Hurt Process".

Immigrants from rainy Seattle, Aiden combine post-hardcore and punk with gothic aesthetics, as well as a love of the unexpected bursts of sound and creating a grim, but amazingly melodic music.And now, a group formed in the spring of 2003, when some of its members are still studying in VUZ`e, a group that took its name for a boy`s name of the horror film 2002 "The Ring" ("Ring") , which could see prizrakov.Nesmotrya some changes quintet Nick Wiggins / bass guitar (Nick Wiggins / bass), Jake Davisson / drums (Jake Davison / drums),Angel Ibarra / lead guitar (Angel Ibarra / solo-guitar), Jake Vembold / rhythm guitar (Jake Wambold / rithm-guitar) and William " Wil " Francis / vocals (William "wiL" Francis / vocals) -utverdilsya before write "Our Gang`s Dark Oath" in the studio in December 2004.

After selling two million copies in its city ,

Aiden said about all of Seattle.Their debut in June 2004 at the "Dead Teenager" and the group gave numerous concerts throughout the year, when there was a possibility to combine it with my studies. But their hard work paid off very quickly, the band signed with Victory Records for December. Jake and Angel finally graduated from university in June 2005and Aiden were free to go on tour, in which they went in the summer, along with "The Hurt Process", "The Audition", and "The Junior Varsity". Ih first own label "Nightmare Anatomy" appeared in October 2005. During the tour during the year, they performed with "Hawthorne Heights", "Bayside" and "Silverstein",Aiden and then with the support of " 30 Seconds to Mars" will become a group of world-famous in the first half of 2006. .

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