Ahmed-zaki Validov

Picture of Ahmed-zaki Validov

Date of Birth: 10/12/1890

Age: 79

Citizenship: Russia


Febvre. roar-tion met in 1917 in Petrograd. Being a member of. Provisional. Central Bureau of Russian Muslims, signed a protest against the application SN Maksudova at the 7th Congress of the Cadet Party (March) that Russian Muslims have supported and will support it; in protest stated that, on the contrary, after the announcement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Provisional Government Cadet PN Milyukovs rate on continuing the war until victory Russian Muslims will not go beyond the slogan that they are defending the freedom of Russia, do not want to bear the shame and humiliation of others. Peoples, wherever these people are. In late March, he went to Tashkent for the organizational work among Muslims. Member of Congress "Shura-i-Islam" (Muslim Brothers. Council) in Tashkent April 16-23), which elected a delegate from the Turkestan region on the 1st All-Russia. Muslim Brothers. Congress. In April, he joined the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, came out of it in May, came to the conclusion that there should be a Muslim socialist party, but continued to support the left wing of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. On the 1 st All-Russia. Muslim Brothers. Congress in Moscow (May) elected to the All-Russia. Muslim Brothers. Council (Milli Shuro). Bash. delegation at his insistence put forward demands for autonomy of Bashkortostan, the formation of the head. troops and the solution of the land question. He was a member of the Bash. region. Bureau for the preparation of the head. Congress. Tsp. Presidium 1st Vsebashk. Congress in Orenburg (July), to-ing chosen Bash. region. Shuro, in a rum Validov became deputy. prev. A member of the inaugural. Coll. (From the Bashkir-Federalists Ufim. Lips.).

After the October armed uprising in Petrograd moved with Bashkim regional Shuro from Ufa to Orenburg, where Shuro sided with the Committee formed in October motherland and saving the Revolution headed by Ataman AI Dutov, and in mid-November under the leadership of Shuro Validova proclaimed autonomy of Bashkortostan. From the first decree signed Validov November 11:

"We are not the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks, we only Bashkirs. On what side we must be? Not for some. We are on your own side. We have nothing to do in these contentious issues. Our business is to protect our personal and property safety. Two million Bashkir people can not be a toy in such petty political amusements. he must have their needs, their needs, their own policy, its own point of view "(F. Samoilov, Malaya Bashkiria in 1918-1920., M., 1933, p. 6) . He entered the Bashkir government elected at Bashkir Kurultai (parliament) in Orenburg (8-20 December). She headed the Military Department, the Military Council of the military department of the Bashkir Government, Commander Bashkir troops. I am trying to cooperate with the central Soviet government. January 17, 1918 as a result of negotiations with the SNK was established Commissariat for Internal Russian Muslims at Narkomnats RSFSR (negotiations conducted before. Bash. Reg. Shuro Sh manat).

After the expulsion of the troops Dutova January 18, 1918 from Orenburg Walid he was arrested in February, along with other members of the Bashkir government on the orders of the Orenburg province. Muslim and the Military Revolutionary Committee. Released (April) from the prison during the raid on the Orenburg Cossack Ataman Dutov. Since June (after the capture of Chelyabinsk Czechoslovaks) Bashkir government embarked on the formation of the national army, collaborated with Dutov, the Committee members of the Constituent Assembly (Komuch), Siberian Government. The representative of the Bashkir government at the State Conference in Ufa (September).

Admiral AV Kolchak in November, did not recognize the sovereignty of Bashkortostan, whereby under the guidance Validova preparing the transition of many thousands Bashkir troops on the Soviet side, carried out in mid-February 1919, in a short time due to the huge Validova popularity in Bashkir people in the national army from February Validov - one of Bashkortostan leaders. At the end of 1919 joined the RKP (b). Considering the decision of the Central Executive Committee and SNK of the RSFSR "On the state system of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Republic" dated 19 May 1920 is inadmissible, Validov left Moscow [which was withdrawn by the decision of the plenum of the Central Committee of the RCP (B) of 8 April] in Central Asia. In September 1920 he sent to the VI name Lenin`s letter (copy - LD Trotsky to Stalin, Rykov AI):

"Based on the started of the RCP (b) policies, it is clear that you, as Artem teammates, in relation to the eastern nations want to adopt the ideas of these Russian chauvinists ... Artificially excited class contradictions in the villages of Eastern peoples of the Central Committee can support only by means of terror "(ZV Togan, Memoirs, Istanbul, 1969, pp. 340-41).

One of the ideologists and organizers Basmach movement (until February 1923), then he emigrated. To devote himself to science. Since May, 1939 Turkey; prof. Istanbul University.