Ahmed I

Picture of Ahmed I

Date of Birth: 04/18/1590

Age: 27

Place of birth: Manisa

Citizenship: Turkey


Ahmed I (osm. ???? ??? - Ahmed-i evvel tour. Birinci Ahmet) (April 18, 1590 - November 22, 1617) - Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (21 December 1603-1617). Ahmed I inherited the throne after his father Mehmed III in 1603.

At the beginning of the reign of Ahmed I the Ottoman Empire was at war with Austria, and at the same time Iran. In addition, it continued the rebellion in Anatolia, which began when Mehmed III of, the rebels controlled a large area. After several years of fighting, the uprising was brutally suppressed. Using the distraction of Ottoman troops to suppress the rebellion, Cefevidsky Shah Abbas I expelled the Turkish garrison of Azerbaijan, Georgia and other areas ceded by the Istanbul world in 1595. Subsequently, Abbas I inflicted a series of defeats by the Turkish troops who tried to regain lost territory. Under the contract of 1612 the Ottoman Empire recognized the conquest of Abbas.

During the war with Austria, Ahmed I personally commanded the army in the campaign of 1605, which ended with the capture of the fortress of Esztergom October 3, 1605 November 11, 1606 with Austria was signed Zhitvatoroksky world, according to which the Turks refused to demand an annual tribute to Austria and They recognized the imperial title of the Habsburgs.

Board Ahmed I noted increased corruption and arbitrariness of local rulers. Ahmed himself eventually withdrew from public affairs, a great influence on them is his beloved wife K