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Year of birth : 1982

Age: 33 year

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Agnostic Front

The group from New York, musicians from which to christen grandparents hardcore, was established in 1982. In the beginning, it is true, called "Zoo Crew",but then guitarist Vinnie Stigma invented it more appropriate name - "Agnostic front".

In addition to the first part of Winnie also hit vocalist John Watson, bassist and drummer Rob Diego. However, in the early years of the team`s turnover was large and more or less everything was settled, when the team appeared frontman Roger Mayret - Cuban ,bassist Rob Kabul and drummer Louie " Reybiz " Beatty.

The first significant work "Agnostic front" was the album 1984 "Victim in pain", with the advent of which established the term " hardcore ". The sessions of the "Victim. .." attended a new drummer Jim Colletti. The next LP, "Cause For Alarm" sound of the band became more " metallic "which attracted new fans to the team. The album sold well, and its circulation reached 100,000 th mark.

By the way, most of the lyrics, as in this and the previous release was written by Pete Steele from "Carnivore". Due to the extreme right-wing group, Steele then had to fend off accusations of fascism. Meanwhile, the composition continued to fluctuate - by 1987, together with stigma and Mayretom team played Steve Martin (guitar) , Alan Peters (bass) and Will Shelper (drums) . With the popularity of the relationship between the leaders of the "Agnostic front" became strained and Vinny and Roger for some time, fled in different directions. But in the end they were together again, and the band recorded the album "Liberty And Justice". The album turned out quite good, although Mayreta that time began with the drug problem. Because of his addiction in 1989, he and a half years in jail thundered. While Roger was resting on the bunk "Agnostic front" held only one short European tour with Mike Shostya as vocalist. On his return to freedom Mayreta band recorded a hard -coming album "One Voice". It was followed by a live album "Last Warning", after which the team fell apart.

Stigma, Shelper and guitarist Matt Henderson ,Strive to lately "Agnostic front", reanimated Drafts "Madball". Roger Mayret remaining out of work, engaged in motorcycle repair. In 1997 he met again with stigma and Mayreta, and a little jam with each other, they decided to revive the "Agnostic front". The Group entered into a new contract with the label "Epitaph",favoring the punk - oriented commands, and released it on the album "Something`s Gotta Give" in 1998. The sessions of the plate except for Vinny and Roger also attended Kabul Rob and Jim Colletti, and produced her Billy Milano "M.O.D.". Around the same time came the single "Puro De Madre" by on. .. Spanish.Next album led the guitarist "Rancid" Lars Fredriksen, the composition of the group is surprisingly unchanged. Changed only the sound team - " metal " has become smaller and more hardcore. But on the next two drives "Agnostic front" tried to stick to the classic hardcore, replacing just a bass player ,which became Mike Gallo

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