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The concept of this project has developed in Santiago Doblsa (p. November 17, 1976) in 1995, when he was studying at the music school in Berkeley.

The team was only two people - Santiago played guitar and bass strumming Andy Deluca, another student from Berkeley. However, until 1997, nothing significant happened until the guys are not moved to Miami, where part of "Aghora" has expanded considerably. Place the microphone took Doblsa sister, the owner of the classical mezzo -soprano, Danishto Rivera (b. March 17, 1977) . This girl started singing as early as eight years old, had studied music education and vocal jazz.

Two other members of the project have become a death metal guitarist Charlie Ekendal (ex- "Mendacity") and veteran teams like "Cynic","Death" and "Gordian knot" drummer Sean Reinert. The resulting quintet has recorded a couple of demos and began to look closely, one would be interested in his music. Fortunately, the internet at that time already existed and therefore prog metal lovers were able to learn about a new group without any problems.

AghoraU "Aghora" appeared their fans ,who look forward to the debut album. Musicians also felt its relevance, in 1999, went into the studio and started working on the album. Just at this time, Andy Deluca was forced to leave the band, and was replaced by another former " cynic " Sean Malone. The new bass player was also the co-producer of the album ,and the basic production work performed Dobls and Dan Eskauriza. Disc "Aghora" was released in March 2000 on his own label Santiago, "Dobles productions". When the album was released, many people began to draw parallels "Aghora" with "Cynic".

However, the deal did not look quite so. While recording a plate, and was attended by two " cynical " Man,Dobls and he is a longtime fan of the first group, Santiago was able to offer a new perspective on the vision of progressive metal, adding to the music "Aghora" jazz and oriental elements. On the disc, also felt the influence of Alan Hodsvorta, "Mahavishnu orchestra" and Steve Veya.ghoraSpustya some time after its release, it became clearthat Malone had lost interest in the team and focused on other projects. Reinert also did not stay long in the composition, and left to his native Los Angeles. However, the group wanted to play live, so after a while "Aghora" got a new rhythm section, represented by Alan Goldstein (bass) and Richard Komatsu (drums) . Unfortunately after a few concerts for health reasons, Richard was forced to leave the band. At this time, the search for a drummer took a year and only in 2004 for the installation sat Ian Hayes, who was able to intercept the audition in "Dimmu Borgir".

However, this staffing problems at the "Aghora" did not end because too izillness left Ekendal. Then he disappeared somewhere Komatsu, and in its place came back Deluca. When all these permutations have been passed, the group was finally able to begin work on their second album with the working title "Formless".

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