Agent Orange

Picture of Agent Orange

Year of birth : 1979

Age: 36 years

Place of birth : California, United States

Citizenship : United States


The first popular song was the song of the collective "Bloodstains" in the "Orange County" album. It is quite a long time broadcast on a local radio station, and soon became a popular hit in America. "Agent Orange" The band was formed in 1979 in California, USA. The musical direction of the band is a punk rock, surf- punk and hardcore punk.

The first popular song was the song of the collective "Bloodstains" in the "Orange County" album. It is quite a long time broadcast on a local radio station ,and soon it became a popular hit in America.

The founders of the "Agent Orange" group are musicians Mike Palm and Scott Miller. After some time, they were joined by Steve Soto, he became the first bassist. Also in this period, the team was joined by Tony Hawk. A few months later, Steve Soto left the team, and organized his own group "The Adolescents". Soto replaced James Levesque. He became quite a productive member of the band. James author of such hits as the group "Everything Turns Grey" and "Living in Darkness".In 1981, the musicians were able to sign a long term contract with a recording studio Brian Elliott. This studio is known for the fact that it was the recording of pop diva Madonna`s composition "Papa Do not Preach".

The result of a fruitful creative musicians with professional sound engineers was the album entitled "Living In Darkness".In the album there was one single and two bonus compositions.

Group "Agent Orange" rather strongly influenced the development of punk rock and hardcore. Musicians were pioneers in this direction as a skate -sor. Together with a group of "The Adolescents", they created a number of projects in this direction. In 2003, the group "Agent Orange" released their new album. This time recorded on "Sonic Snake Session" studio equipment.

Group "Agent Orange" is an extraordinary and unpredictable team. The compositions produced by the musicians of this band is always full of energy and drive.Quite often, the team "Agent Orange" touring the United States. Musicians with their concerts have traveled almost the entire country. Just more than once they made the big international tour with the popular punk bands.

At their concerts the musicians always focused on their fans all of their thoughts and feelings. They sing about the difficulties of life and philosophical reasoning. Sometimes the texts can be found hidden context, calling to live by the laws of darkness.

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