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`Agave Denim` - an American company engaged in the production of denim clothes for men and women. Established was Jeff Shafer (Jeff Shafer).

Shafer started to work in his own apartment in Topanga-Canyon (Topanga Canyon); using Shinzo Suzuki (Shinzo Suzuki), Dan Sullivan (Dan Sullivan), Brad Schafer (Brad Shafer) and Shafer Lauren (Lauren Shafer) Jeff made the 8 pairs of jeans. Sell them had to hand - and Shafer had to work around a lot of shops, until he found the ones that agreed to take on this unknown product implementation ; however,start has been made.

The first three years, Jeff actually was the only employee of the company; it was he had to sew jeans, organize and control the sale of purchase. Ultimately, the company moved out of the apartment Schafer in a small office in Santa Monica (Santa Monica). Jeff hired several assistants ;the company gradually began to grow.

The company was originally positioned as a group of talented and enthusiastic people together seeking to expand the limits of human imagination as much as possible. Courage, internal integrity ,the desire to express themselves as much as possible - all of this together has helped the company`s employees to create a highly successful brand. The company`s founder, Jeff Shafer, initially relied on a California style - a style lively, free, self-confident people. Love for denim organically complemented the ensemble ;Shafer quickly established himself manufacturer perfectly tailored, high-quality and relatively affordable for the mass clothing buyer. The logical conclusion of his research was the line of jeans `Agave Denim`; She became famous thanks to the fact that the media clung like a glove. All products are finalized to the state of full readiness exclusively hands ; jeans are sewn from 100 percent cotton denim. The process of the current moment literally worked out to perfection ;clear recommendations were prepared for all stages - master carefully select the best types of fabrics and tailor the tissue is already adjusted to the ideal clothes patterns. Cross-linking and prostiryvayutsya ready jeans and hands ; because of this, each pair of jeans has its own, totally unique hue.Jeans `Agave Denim` produced in a factory in California. The company`s products are pleased with both men and women.

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