Afanasiy Vlasiev

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Citizenship: Russia


In 1599 again he took part in the embassy to the emperor. In Feb. 1601 granted to the Duma clerks. From May 1601 to May 1605, in addition to the Kazan Palace, he was in charge of more and Ambassadorial order. In 1601 he conducted successful negotiations with the Polish. cor. Sigismund III Vasa of ratification of the armistice agreement. In 1602 I traveled to meet dates. Prince Hans, the groom`s daughter Xenia Boris Godunov. March 5, 1604, returning home from a diplomatic trip to Denmark through Poland, was arrested by order of Sigismund, who sought this demarche complicate Russian-Polish relations, as conducted the case for war in an attempt to reshape the Russian-Polish border and make reparations to these money to hire an army and the strength to master the Swedish crown away from him at the time. He was one of the king`s trusted men of Boris Godunov. When sent against the insurgent Rylsk magistrates princes FI Mstislavsky and IV Golitsyn could not take the city and retreated, it has caused the anger of King Boris. Wasting no time, he sent a shelf okolnichy PN Sheremetev and chief clerk W., with instructions to reprimand the magistrates: "... and blame rosprashivat, which departed from Rylsk." Referred to 1 June 1605, m. E. On the day of the uprising in Moscow, when he addressed the crowd gathered at the Execution placeon Red Square, wanting to see the messengers "king Dmitry" (which allegedly seized by the boyars orders), and requested them from the name of Tsarevich Fyodor Godunov disperse, reminding that in the state is still in mourning for the deceased king, and promised to consider any requests and petitions of the people after the coronation of prince. After the murder of Fyodor Godunov defected to the False Dmitry I and was granted them courtiers, promoted to the great treasurers and secretaries. Fulfilling a promise to marry Marina Mniszek, False Dmitry sent to Krakow Ambassador V., who represented him at the betrothal despite hudorodstvo clerk does not correspond to the nature of his mission. Moscow embassy, there were about 300 people., Delivered in Poland presents a truly royal. V. Yu handed Mnishek coat with the king`s shoulder, black horse in golden attire, precious weapons, carpets and furs. Gifts bride exhibited in the royal residence, called on the present surprise. There was a pearl ship, rushing on the silver waves (it was estimated at 60 thousand. PLN) box in the form of a gold bull full of diamond rings and crosses with stones, huge pearls, gilded elephant clock, supplying