Afanasiy Kochetkov

Picture of Afanasiy Kochetkov

Date of Birth: 09/03/1930

Age: 74

Place of birth: Balahonovka

Citizenship: Russia


Born on March 9, 1930 in the village of Balahonovka Samara region in a large peasant family. I raise and educate his mom Love Prokofievna Kochetkov (1899-1984). Father Athanasius - Kochetkov, Ivan Vasilyevich (1899-1942), two older brothers and an older sister during the war went to the front. In 1942, his father died. His grave kids spotted near Staraya Russa many years after the victory. Teenager survived the tragedy of war, the future actor will forever remain in our hearts the memory of it and the people of the war generation, have a serious impact on his formation.

And for life will remain with him the first impressions of childhood, associated with the beauty and grandeur of his native land. The breadth and expanse east of the Volga, spells evening river, inexpressible charm of the village summer evenings, the mysterious silence of the snowy forest ... Everyday, direct contact with nature could not cause reciprocal response in the soul impressionable teenager. Poetry and beauty of his native land awakened imagination, gave rise to unexpected dream, as if pushed to the creative search. It is no coincidence, perhaps, just two people in one rural family, he grew up, devoted themselves to the service of art. Older brother Victor, returning from the front, became a professional poet and critic. (Currently V.I.Kochetkov - a member of the editorial board of the journal "Our Contemporary"). Athanasius as his childhood and youth in experience he made the actor`s art. And until now, with gratitude, he returned to his roots, drawing inspiration from them, charged with energy for creativity.

True, at first he did not think about the acting profession, and after graduating from high school in Tuimazy that in the southern Urals, went to Chisinau to go to university. Five years he studied science at the Faculty of Geology, and in his spare time visiting student theater. There he saw Dmitry Zhuravlev, known reader-performer, and advised to do theater professionally. Having trusted authoritative opinion, after graduating from university A.I.Kochetkov left for Moscow. It has been a creative contest in the drama school named after M. Schepkin at the Maly Theater, but the degree geologist obliged him three years to work on a specialty. I had the most Vera Nikolaevna Pashennaya, the famous actress of the Maly Theatre, talented interested applicant, to plead for his release from mining. So he became a student at the school named after M. Schepkin on course wonderful directors and educators MOKnebel and V.I.Tsygankova.

After graduating from school in 1956 and joined the troupe studio theater actor, Kochetkov immediately became very much to act in films. (He - a member of the Union of Cinematographers in 1960). The first director, who Kochetkov starred in the movie, was V.P.Basov ( "The first joy" and "No Ordinary Summer"). Then, one after another, followed by a large, central role: Smolyarchuk in the film "Over the Tisza" (1958), Gerasim in the film "Mumu" (1959), Dovbush in the film "Oleksa Dovbush" (1960), and many, a lot others. Among the remarkable works A.I.Kochetkova in movies as: Antonov ( "Loneliness"), Mostovenko ( "Heart of Russia"), Smurov ( "First Date"), Roman ( "Long Day"), Kharitonov ( "Common Arctic") Anton ( "Let`s talk, brother"), Dubodel ( "People in the swamp"), Daniel ( "Gloom-river") and, of course, Maxim Gorky in the films "Mayakovsky begins", "Incredible Jehudiel the mantle", "I - actress "(total Gorky role he played in 6 films). The artist`s creative assets of about 100 central characters and episodic - in movies Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian filmmakers.

But, of course, work in the film does not exhaust all the creative possibilities Athanasius Kochetkova. An exceptional gift dramatic actor, his bright distinctive personality, open, strong temperament, is clearly intended for the stage, we could not fail to attract the attention of the major theater directors. Gonchar, whose Kochetkov considers his godfather on the professional stage, invited him to his performance of "The Law of wintering". This performance saw a remarkable director B.I.Ravenskih, in his work focused on the poetic theater - the theater of large generalizations, the theater high-poetic sound. In Kochetkov, the ability to combine natural stage of existence and theater brightness, almost commonplace and worldly metaphors, stark simplicity and heroic pathos, Ravenskih immediately saw "their" artist and invited him to the Pushkin Theatre, which he then headed.

Years of work in the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theater (1964-1978 gg.) - An interesting and fruitful creative period of the artist`s career. He created caused a great interest of viewers and critics tragically expressive images of Sholokhov`s hero Makar feeding ( "Virgin Soil Upturned") and Andrei Sokolov ( "Fate of a Man"). Significantly expanded the scope of his artistic role, played in the play "Romagnola" the role of Count Gardengi - Italian aristocrat, a man of cynical, cruel, sophisticated, vicious, and in the play "The Legend of Paganini" the role of the brilliant violin virtuoso Nicolo Paganini. Great success was also a daunting role Porphyry Syrovarova in the play "Blizzard" Leonov - a man of tragic destiny, the former White Guard, then the hero of Spain, Kochetkov played in restrained tones harsh and tragic at the same time intense.

In 1978, Little Theater began its production of "King Lear" by William Shakespeare. In one of the central roles of the tragedy - Earl of Kent the theater management has invited his former graduate. So Athanasius Kochetkov returned to his "alma mater". From 1978 to the present day - it is one of the leading artists of the troupe Academic Maly Theater.

The range of roles played by the People`s Artist of Russia (1976) Athanasius Ivanovich Kochetkov over two-plus decades of work in the Maly Theater, is extremely broad and diverse. He embodied on stage comedy characters, such as the mayor in the "Inspector" or Gromilov in "Talents and admirers", and created the tragic images of Kent in "King Lear", Theseus in "Phaedra ..." He played the role of publicist acute, Lisitsyn how to "challenge" and deep-dramatic, complicated psychological as Vanyushin in "Children Vanyushina". Roles characteristic (Pop in "Conversations with the clear moon") and heroic (the old man in the "Russian people", Morozov in the "Silver Prince". Roles modern (Ivanov, "So be it"), Znobin in "Willow neplakuchey" and historical ( Prince SHUISKI in "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich", Loop Kleshnin in "Tsar Boris") roles in the works of Russian and foreign classical repertoire. Starodum ( "Minor" Fonvizin), silane ( "Ardent heart"), Wisniewski ( "Talents and fans "), Large (" Soy people are numbered, "Ostrovsky), Varrina (" Conspiracy of Fiesco in Genoa "Schiller) ... Polivanov in the play" Picture "on D.Graninu, stern, inflexible squad Morozov in the" Silver Prince "on AK Tolstoy, proud, freedom-loving turned into a "slave" P.P.Gnedicha.

On a horoscope Athanasius Kochetkov - "fish". He spent his childhood at the river. This actor explains his unusual attraction to water throughout life. Water element to it - native. It restores, heals, energises and helps to meditate. He is fond of fishing. He likes to sit in silence, keep quiet, to think ... It likes to swim. He says that when he breaks away from the coast, are all diseases, back strength. Especially fond of the Black Sea, the mountains, egookruzhayuschie. Once he walked on foot the entire Caucasus range. He also loves the forest, protected, quiet corners of the earth. Once fond of chess and checkers. From the writers of most Kochetkov values ??Ivan Bunin. Of all the people who have ever met, the greatest impression and influenced Kochetkova at Vasily Shukshin. Not only as a writer, actor and director, but above all, as a person, a man, in the opinion of Athanasius Ivanovich, more than anyone expressing a generation to which he belonged.

Of all the artists more Kochetkov Russian appreciates tragic actor Nikolai Simonov. Among foreign: Jean Gabin and Audrey Hepburn. He likes films of Italian neorealism.

He lived and worked in Moscow.

Actor`s work:

1. Swedish Match - 1954 (comedy)

2. Guttaperchivy boy - 1957 (Drama)

3. The island of Far - 1957 (Adventure)

4. Ulyanov Family - 1957 ()

5. The case of the mine-eight - 1957 ()

6. Above the Tisza - 1958 (Detective)

7. Mu-mu - 1959 (Drama)

8. Oleksa Dovbush - 1959 ()

9. The first date - 1960 ()

10. At the beginning of the century - 1961 (History / Biography)

11. Long Day - 1961 (Romance)

12. The Knight - 1963 (comedy)

13. Incredible Jehudiel Chlamys - 1969 (History / Biography)

14 Ambush - 1969 (Adventure)

15. King of the Mountains and the other - 1969 ()

16. Gloom River - 1969 (Drama)

17. The Russian Heart - 1970 (History / Biography)

18. City under lindens - 1971 (Drama)

19. Kotsyubinskoe Family - 1971 (History / Biography)

20. Travelling Front - 1971 (Adventure)

21. Ivanov boat - 1972 (Kinopovest)

22. High rank - 1973 (Kinopovest)

23. White hood - 1975 (Kinopovest)

24. Common Arctic - 1976 ()

25. The profile and full face - 1977 ()

26. Treasure - 1977 ()

27. Wait for me, the island! - 1978 (Adventure)

28. Sea - 1978 ()

29. Let`s talk, brother ... - 1978 (Military)

30. I - Actress - 1980 (History / Biography)

31. Guys ..! - 1981 (Romance)

32. People in the swamp - 1981 (The dramatic story)

33. Crazy Day Engineer Barkasova - 1983 (Vaudeville)

34. Testament - 1986 (Romance)

35. Without the sun - 1987 (Drama)

36. Mistakes of youth - 1989 (Drama)

37. Now the Son of Man glorified - 1990 ()

38. Forgiveness - 1992 (Romance)

39. In the beginning was the word - 1992 (History / Biography)

40. Maestro with thread - 1993 (Crime Drama)

41. fatalist - 2001 (Tragicomedy)