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`Adrienne Landau Designs, Inc.` - US-based manufacturer of fur, whose headquarters is located in New York (New York City).The company was founded by designer Adrienne Landau (Adrienne Landau) and produces fur hats, scarves, jackets, capes, boas, vests and coats, as well as handbags and fur blankets for the home. Models from `Adrienne Landau Designs` appear regularly on the covers and pages of fashion magazines around the world, in addition,their characters are often popular movies and television series.

Adrienne Landau is particularly sensitive to the design philosophy and fashion continues to attract the attention of prominent authorities in the world of fashion, stylists and celebrities. Fan of the brand considered Madonna (Madonna), Halle Berry (Halle Berry), Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey),Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts) , Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone), Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand) and many more.

After the slovam Landau, she creates designs for modern human, human segodnasnego day, which seeks its own inimitable style in vestments, ? he or she will wear, and faces life that leads. Adrienne Landau began his career, bonding together several pieces of fur with antique fur coat after the sale of his paintings. Landau drew inspiration from the bright and unusual combinations of materials, which today have become a distinctive design feature of the `Adrienne Landau Designs`. Embodying its former creativity of the artist ,Adrienne Landau continues to use its incomparable artistic abilities to its unique and original collections. Each season Landau offers elegant and versatile product of an experienced specialist.

The combination of well-known exotic fursluxurious cashmere and complex finish is a reflection of the gift of Adrienne Landau to the subtle attitude. Its philosophy of easy glamor offers universal opportunity to successfully combine any item from the collections of `Adrienne Landau Designs` with anything from a gorgeous evening gown to a pair of ordinary jeans. Segodnya`Adrienne Landau Designs` offers the most comprehensive collection of furs, capes and stoles in the market. In recent years, the range of collections expanded by products for men, bags and luxury items for decoration of home interior.

Continuing to expand its empire designer, Adrienne Landau signed two license agreements ,that will help to demonstrate the versatility of its designer. The jubilee 25th year Landau fur business activities came to light brand of `ADRIENNE LANDAU STUDIO`, which offers a vibrant collection of patterned silk scarves. Another new brand offers accessories made of leather and cashmere

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Adrienne Landau Designs picture
Adrienne Landau Designs photo
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