Adolf Hurwitz

Picture of Adolf Hurwitz

Date of Birth: 03/26/1859

Age: 60

Place of birth: Hildesheim

Citizenship: Germany


Adolf Hurwitz was born into a Jewish family. His father, Salomon Hurwitz, has worked in the engineering industry; Elsa`s mother died when Adolf was three years old.

In high school, where he enrolled in 1868, he taught mathematics Hermann Schubert. Noticing and appreciating the talent of a young Adolf, Schubert persuaded his father to help her son to give further education at the university.

Hurwitz entered the University of Munich in 1877. During the first year of training, he attended lectures by Felix Klein. A year later, he moved to Berlin, where the local university attended lectures Kummer, Kronecker, Weierstrass. Completes training in Leipzig (1880).

Teaching career began at the University of Konigsberg, where he became a professor in 1884. In the same year he married Ida Samuel, they had three children.

Since 1892 Professor of the Polytechnic School in Zurich. Among his students were in Zurich David Hilbert and Albert Einstein.

The scientific activity

Major works - on mathematical analysis, function theory, algebra and teoriichisel. Horowitz wrote the classic two-volume monograph on the theory of analytic functions and elliptic (it Vorlesungen & # 252;. Ber allgemeine Funktionentheorie und Elliptischen Funktionen, Berlin, 1922). One of the first deeply investigated Riemannian manifolds and their application to the theory of algebraic curves. Decided isoperimetric problem.