Adolf Hitler

Picture of Adolf Hitler

Date of Birth: 04/20/1889

Age: 56

Place of birth: Braunau

Citizenship: Germany

The leaders and tyrants XX century

Unlimited dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945, Hitler unleashed the Second World War, becoming the main culprit of many millions of victims.

Origin of Hitler was very mediocre. He was born April 20, 1889 in the Austrian town of Brau-nau am Inn in the family customs official. Father Adolf - Hitler Alois - an illegitimate child, initially wore mother`s maiden name - Schicklgruber, and then took the surname of his stepfather - Hitler. Mother Clara, nee Pelcl, came from a peasant family.

The young Hitler went bad and never received a certificate of graduation. He walked twice at the Vienna Academy of Art, and both times he was not accepted because of weak capacity. After the death of his mother (his father died a little earlier - in 1903), Hitler finally moved to Vienna, hoping to earn a living craft artist. From 1909 to 1913 it existed starving, wandering, earning a living advertising design, postcards, etc.

In 1913, Hitler escaped to Munich, to escape conscription. The following year, he still came to the medical board, but was rejected and declared unfit for military service. After the First World Hitler inexplicably drawn into the army, and he enlisted in the 1b-th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment.

Military service has transformed the young man with dim eyes and a convinced nationalist, militarist. Hitler was given the rank of Corporal, he participated in the military operations, and was marked by four military awards. After the defeat of Hitler Germany he did not leave the regiment, and remained there until 1920, acting as a political informant. In September 1919, Hitler came to Munich in the German Workers` Party (LDA), and in 1920 he left the army to devote himself to the work of the party propaganda department.

It was a time of deep crisis in Germany. The war indemnity payments and the winners have led to hyperinflation, the impoverishment of the population. The government, in panic fear of "communist contagion" turned a blind eye to the excesses of revenge numerous paramilitary organizations. Sort out the situation, Hitler transformed the German workers` party in the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in Germany. With the support of Erncta Remus, a staff officer, Hitler was elected in July 1921. Chairman of the party.

8-9 November 1923, Hitler headed the Munich "Beer" putsch, which was a bold attempt to take control of the government of Bavaria. The coup was suppressed. Hitler was arrested, charged with treason and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Hitler served only nine months before he could write a book "Mein Kampf" in the chamber, in which he outlined the political philosophy of Nazism. In his "work" Hitler declared war on the Jews, communists, liberals and miserable capitalist exploiters all over the world and solemnly welcomed the revival of a racially pure Germany and the indomitable will of the nation. He wrote about Germany, which will rise up and dominate the world; Germany, which declare their rights to living space and will find it in central Europe and Russia.

The high point for the Nazi Party came together with the world economic crisis of 1929 and the ensuing depression. The Nazis became the second party in Germany in the number of occupied seats in the Reichstag. Hitler did not limit the activities of the party of the Reichstag; he turned the SA (storm troopers) in an effective paramilitary organization, and they just beat the opposition in the streets.

President Hindenburg in January 1933. appointed Hitler chancellor and one for a year has made the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship in Germany.

Using the burning of the Reichstag building as an excuse to prohibit the activities of the Communist Party, Hitler ordered the arrest of its leaders. In March, a law was passed the Emergency Powers Act, which gave Hitler 4 years unlimited dictatorial power. All political parties, except the Nazi (Fascist), were systematically dispersed. Figures of the Fascist Party ousted Jews from government agencies, government agencies put under the direct control of the party.

June 30, 1934, Hitler held a series of cleaning their own ( "Night of the Long Knives"), physically eliminating Ernst Rohm and wiping out hundreds of other prominent Nazis, the radicalism of which represented a threat to the absolute power. August 30, 1934 Hindenburg died, and Hitler took over the functions of the President, appropriating the title of the Fuhrer - the supreme leader "of the Third Reich."

The Fuhrer was replaced by assault troops (SA), "brown-vorubashechnikov" security detachments (SS) "Blackshirts", putting them at the head of Himmler. At the political secret police "Gestapo" SS created a system of concentration camps, where "deported" political opponents, Jews, and other "undesirable" elements. In 1935, Hitler introduced the so-called Nuremberg racial laws, deprived Jews of German citizenship.

The world community did not seem to notice that Germany demonstratively violates the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler armed the country freely; It was created by the Luftwaffe (Air Force), the army, motorized and equipped with the latest weaponry. In 1935, the Nazis remilitarize Rhineland.

Britain and France pushed the German war machine to aggression to the east of France and subsequently paid. In 1935, England and Germany signed a naval pact. In 1936 an alliance with Hitler, Benito Mussolini - fascist chapter in Italy. In March 1938, Hitler invaded Austria and captured her. In September 1938, Britain and France have agreed on the division of Czechoslovakia, and Germany joined itself all its western part - heavily industrialized.

In March 1939, Hitler demanded that Lithuania "Memel corridor." August 23, 1939 the Soviet Union and Germany signed a nonaggression pact, which contained a secret protocol to divide Poland. September 1, Germany invaded Poland. The Second World War.

Poland has fallen in September 1939. The Nordic countries were occupied by June 1940 France lasted two weeks from May 25 to June 5, 1940 Great Britain was able to repel the attack.

In April 1941, German troops occupied Yugoslavia and Greece.

June 22, 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. In December 1941, Hitler`s troops were stopped outside Moscow. In 1942, because of the mistakes of the Soviet command and Stalin personally Germans in the south moved to the Volga. December 7, 1941 the United States declared war on Japan and Germany.

During the Second World War - a tragedy for many people affected by the policy of genocide. Only in Germany to concentration camps killed more than 6 million Jews. Slavs Hitler planned to turn into a nation of slaves.

In 1943 the Soviet Union broke the course of the war in their favor. Victory of Soviet troops pushed the Allies to open a second front.

In June 1944, a group of officers-conspirators, seeing the futility of further struggle, has made an attempt on Hitler by placing in a room where there was a meeting, briefcase with a bomb. Hitler miraculously survived, but suffered a serious concussion and moral injury.

In the last months of the war, Hitler led the remnants of the troops of the rate, which was in a fortified underground shelter - "Fuhrer`s bunker." When Soviet troops seized Berlin, Hitler hurriedly married his mistress Eva Braun, and after that the couple committed suicide. the offender`s body was not reliably identified.