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Actress Film category ` b `, known for its exotic appearance. Often in the press I met her nickname, ` Venezuelan Vulkan`.

Born Burnu Akvanetta in Cheyenne, Wyoming ; She grew up in Norristown, Pennsylvania, under the name of Mildred Davenport - girl`s name has changed since from her biological parents abandoned her. ` Burnu` on Russian can be translated either as ` flaming plamya` or as ` deep vody`.

Akvanetty began his career in the modeling industry ; the work itself is found in New York, under the auspices of the Harry Conover. In 1942 she managed to get a contract to shoot a film company `Universal Studious`; she played mainly in various films category ` b ` ,` like Tarzan and - leopard` woman (` Tarzan and the Leopard Woman`), ` Arab nochi` (` Arabian Nights`), ` The Sword of Monte Kristo` (` The Sword of Monte Cristo`) and ` Wild plennitsa` (`Captive Wild Woman`); last studio planned to deploy in a series of films about a female monster with Akvanettoy starring. The series was to become one of the classic series about monsters, extremely popular at the time ; Ape- woman, played Akvanettoy could be on a par with Dracula, Frankenstein`s Monster, Mummy, The Wolfman and the Monster of the Black Lagoon. Unfortunately, on one of the film series did not go. In the fifties, the actress finally left the cinema, shortly after marrying Jack Ross, a car dealer. They settled down to live in the town of Mesa, Arizona ; after some time Akvanetta to some extent been able to regain its reputation as a star when she appeared with her husband in a series of television commercials ,and then - running his own show, ` Akvy` Corner (` Acqua`s Corner`); It broadcast this show on Fridays, late at night. In Akvanetty and Ross had four children ; marriage, unfortunately, was not ideal, and in the eighties the couple divorced.

Actors work creative biography Akvanetty not limited - in 1974-, she released a book of poems ` audible tishina` (` The Audible Silence`). In 1987, he appeared on the American scene girl band `The Aquanettas` - its name are built in the name of the actress.

Akvanetta Died from complications of Alzheimer`s disease, the morning of August 16th 2005, in Ahvatuki, Arizona. At the time of death she was eighty-three years

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Acquanetta picture
Acquanetta photo
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