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Birthday: 4/10/1973, the

Age: 42 year

Place of birth: Washington, USA

Citizenship: SShA

Originalnoe name: Chris Parks

Original name: Chris J. Parks


In addition to appearances in TNA, Ebissa can be seen on the show NWA Cyberspace and RoH.25th September 2005 Ebiss defeated Bobby Ore in Scott D`amora Border City Wrestling Federation champion to win the crown BCW Heavyweight.

Real name: Chris J. Parks; Nicknames: Abyss, The Monster, Justice, Chris Justice, Abismo, Cleage, Eric Justice, Original Terminator, Prince Justice;

Crown appointment: Black Hole Slam, Death Penalty;Date of Birth: 04/10/1973;

Homeland: Washington, DC, USA;

Height 6` 10 " (208 cm);

Weight: 350 lbs (159 kg);

Debut: 1995 ;

Coach: Roger Ruffen;


1PW World Heavyweight Champion; BCW Heavyweight Champion;

IWA Puerto Rico Tag Team Champion;

NWA World Heavyweight Champion;

NWA World Tag Team Champion;

NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion;BLACK No. Limits Iowa State Champion;

UWA Heavyweight Champion.


In appearance, it is something in between Kane and Menkayndom, Ebiss made his name in Neshvillskoy TNA federation.While in high school in Cleveland, Ohio, Chris had a passion for football is so, he played football, even when I was in university. In 1988Chris represented the University of Ohio, and at that time received two awards from sports administration.He then played in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers is not his football career came to an end in 1993 and it was.Two years later Krispodpisal contract with the National Center for Pro Wrestling Kostolom in Ohio,where he began training with former WWE judge Roger Ruffin North Wrestling Federation (NWF). Chris took the name of the original Terminator, and a month later won his first match by disqualification. The next few years, Chris spent in NWF under the names of "All-American" Chris Justice and the Prince of Justice. In 2001, the year,Chris left the NWF and moved to the NWA Wildside, which in April became the champion of the federation in the heavyweight division, then teaming up with Hey. Jay. Stiles won the championship in the pair battle. As Chris fought against Jerry "The King" Lawler in Memphis Championship show. Chris then went to perform in Puerto Rico,where he and Miguel Perez became champions in the pair battle. Then their team disbanded, May 17th 2003rd year, Chris Perez defeated and took possession of the two titles, and gave one to his new team-mate Shane Glemor Fight. All stay at IWA Chris became more a champion in MMA and intercontinental champion.

In 2003 and it was,Chris appeared in TNA under the name Ebiss. He was immediately put on the show as a bodyguard Kid Kesha. They had a series of matches against Chris Harris and James Storm after losses Cash vinyl throughout Ebissa, Ebiss soon broke down and beat Kesha, so began their feud. Ebiss soon found himself in alliance with Jeff Jarrett and his team,on the same night Ebissa attacked Hey. Jay. Stiles during the fight against Al Lyon. With Stiles would play a cruel joke and put it in a match where his team-mate was Ebiss. ironically, but Stiles and Ebiss won the match and that not even become champions of the NWA pair battle. As it was in the IWA, February 25th,2004Ebiss with no big help Lex Luger defeated Hey. Jay. Styles in the match with tables and gained control of both titles. But the feud did not end there, Stiles and Ebiss spent a few more matches, it ended when Ebiss Stiles won and became the challenger

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