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Date of Birth: 1126

Age: 72

Place of birth: Cordoba

Citizenship: Spain


Averroes (Ibn Rushd, Abu al-Walid Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Rushd, 1126, Cordoba, Spain - 1198 Marrakech, Morocco) - the famous Arab philosopher.

His father served as chief judge and the mufti. He studied with the most famous scientists of his age and was very friendly with the theosophist Ibn al-Arabi and well-known scholars, Ibn Tufail (Abubaces) and Ibn Zuhr. Thanks to the talents and knowledges reached at almogadiyskom Sultan Yussuf (1163-1184) the highest honorary posts and acted in Morocco, then in Seville or Cordoba.

And his successor, Almanzure-Bill, Averroes was first in high favor, but then the envious was charged with failure to comply with the teachings of the Koran and, having got so Almanzura in disgrace, was dismissed from his post and lived in exile in Elizene or Lutzen, near Cordoba. A few years later, when the Sultan himself became engaged and interested in philosophy, Averroes was again called to the court of Morocco and showered favors evidence; but shortly afterwards he died (12 December 1198) in Morocco.

Averroes translated (with Syria) and explained the works of Aristotle with a deep knowledge of the matter. But you can not help but notice in his work, like most of the Arab philosophers, the influence of the Alexandrian views, laid in the foundation of comments ammonium Themistius and OE against the Arab Orthodox, especially Algatsali, he always acted as a defender of the rationalist philosophy. Most of his works (Venice, 1489), it remains only in a Latin translation. His comments came Aristotle in the Latin language in the general edition of the works of Aristotle (T. 11, Venice, 1560).

He also wrote a kind of medical system, which is called "Colliget" (distorted Arab "Kulliyyat", that is, the total system) was translated into Latin and is reprinted several times (Venice, 1482 and 1514). Many of his works have been translated into Hebrew and. In hristianskoytserkvi philosophy Averroes received dostodolzhnoe value is already in the XIII century, although its pantheistic doctrine of the unity of action of the global principle Scholastics were rejected as misleading, as well as astrology, called Averroism.

Besides, Averroes earned a reputation as an astronomer and his observations of sunspots.

An essential service in the familiarization with the philosophical writings of Averroes had MJ Muller, who undertook the publication of Arabic texts "Philosophy and Theology of Averroes" (Munich, 1859), a beautiful translation of which was published after the death of the Bavarian Academy of Muller (Munich, 1875).

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