Abram Gannibal

Picture of Abram Gannibal

Date of Birth: 01/01/1696

Age: 85

Place of birth: Eritrea

Citizenship: Russia


Peter I for 11 years kept it to himself as a valet and secretary, and in 1717 sent to study military-Ing. the case in France. While abroad, he took part in the war with Spain, and was wounded. Returning in 1723 in Russia, he studied Ing. work in Kronstadt, Rogervik (now Paldiski), on the Ladoga Canal, in the construction of the fortress Selenginsk in the east, and the math teacher Ing. a business. In 1726 wrote a book on military-Ing. art. After the death of Peter I was in the doghouse. Put forward under Elizabeth, during the reign of a swarm, he did much to improve the military-Ing. business in Russia. In 1762 he retired.

G.- grandfather of Alexander Pushkin, who immortalized his image in the story "The Negro of Peter the Great."

Materials of the Soviet Military Encyclopedia in 8 volumes, Volume 2.

Hannibal Abraham (Ibrahim) Petrovich [about 1697 Lagon, Northern Ethiopia - 14 (25) .5.1781, Suyda now Leningrad region], a military engineer of the Russian army, the general-in-chief (1759) .Praded (maternal) A. C . Pushkin. The son of an Ethiopian prince, seven Turks taken hostage and sent to Constantinople, where in 1706 the Russian ambassador SL Raguzskim taken to Moscow and was presented to Peter I. At baptism (1707) received the name of Peter (by Peter I of godfather), but documents before 1737 was called Abram Petrov followed him entrenched surname Hannibal. For 11 years, the valet and the king`s secretary, in 1717 sent to France to study military engineering. Returning in 1723 in Russia, engaged in engineering work in Kronstadt, Rogervik (Paldiski), on the Ladoga Canal, in the construction of the fortress Seleginsk taught in military schools in mathematics and engineering. In 1726 wrote a book about military engineering. Hannibal after the death of Peter I in the doghouse (a reference to Siberia 1727-1731). During the reign of Elizabeth held major posts in the military engineering department, he has done much to improve the military engineering in 1762 Rossii.S retired.

Used materials kn .: Military Encyclopedic Dictionary. M., 1986.

Abram Petrovich Hannibal (before baptism Ibrahim) (1697 or 1698-1781), an outstanding figure of Peter and Elizabethan eras, the great-grandfather of Pushkin. By origin - Ethiopia, son of the sovereign prince of northern Abyssinia. Brought in Russia, he is with his childhood was the person of the great king. Peter was pleased for him everywhere carried with him, he taught him to read and different sciences, and then set over him the best teachers. In 1709, young Abram Petrov (Hannibal he was to be called later) took part in the Battle of Poltava. In 1717 Peter sent him to France. In six years, Hannibal learned the art of war (fought in the war with Spain), artillery and engineering, Latin and French. On his return he was appointed caretaker of "His Majesty`s cabinet, where all the drawings, projects and library were" as well as the chief translator inostrannyhknig at the court; on the orders of the king began to train young officers engineering and mathematical sciences.

With the death of Peter began a long opal Hannibal, which ended only with the accession of Elizabeth (reign 1741-1761) in memory of the father she generously gave him, bestowed estates.

Since that time a new flowering of its various activities, which has left its mark. The formation of a man of his time, he was the builder of fortresses, conducted the Ladoga Canal, was the director of the fortress of Kronstadt, chief commandant of Revel, the Vyborg governor, the chief of the Russian artillery; He promoted to General-in-Chief. In recent years, Abram Petrovich spent Suyda estate near St. Petersburg, where he died.

Pushkin showed great interest in the "strange life of Hannibal," was proud of his forbears - "diligent" and "incorruptible", "confidant, and not a slave," the king; He portrayed him in the novel "The Negro of Peter the Great."