Abdulihat Abbasov

Picture of Abdulihat Abbasov

Date of Birth: 09/30/1929

Age: 66

Place of birth: village Novomochaley

Citizenship: Russia


Abdulihat Umarovich Abbasov was born September 30, 1929 in the Tatar village Novomochaley now Pilninsky District Nizhny Novgorod oblasti.Okonchiv 10 classes Abdulihat Abbasov went to school radiometrists Navy cabin boy, which he graduated in 1947 godu.V 1950 Abdulihat Abbasov graduated from the Leningrad Naval Preparatory School, in the same year Abdulihat Abbasov began to serve in the Navy in 1954 Abdulihat Abbasov finished 1st Baltic higher Naval school for submarine service plavaniya.Svoyu Abdulihat Abbasov was held in the Northern fleet: in the period from November 1954 godapo January 1957 Abdulihat Abbasov was commander of the torpedo warhead submarine "S-45", and from January 1957 to December 1958 - assistant and senior assistant to the commander of the diesel submarine "S-155" and "S-300" .In CPSU Abdulihat Umarovich Abbasov joined in 1956 godu.V 1959 Abdulihat Abbasov graduated from the Higher special officer classes of the Navy, and after the end of classes in February 1960 was appointed senior assistant to the commander of the nuclear submarine "K-40" project 658.Kapitan 1st rank Abdulihat Umarovich Abbasov in February 1962 he was appointed commander of the nuclear submarine "K-123" project 705, as commander of which contributed greatly to the development of a new complex of military equipment at all stages of its postroyki.V 1968 Abdulihat Abbasov finished Academic courses officers Naval akademii.Ukazom Supreme Soviet of the USSR from December 16, 1981 for his contribution to the development and testing of the head of a new nuclear submarine project, displaying personal courage and bravery, the captain of the 1st rank Abdulihatu Umarovich Abbasov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order Lenin and medal "Gold Star" .In August 1979 Abdulihat Abbasov was appointed as chief of naval training center, in October 1983 - chief of the 4th Division and from May 1987 - the chief of the 5th department of training centers and logistics maintenance of the combat training VMF.Postanovleniem USSR Council of Ministers on February 22, 1983 captain 1st rank Abdulihatu Umarovich Abbasov was awarded the rank of "Rear Admiral" .Abdulihat Umarovich Abbasov in June 1988, he resigned. I lived in Moskve.Skonchalsya August 11, 1996 in Moscow. Buried at the Danilovsky cemetery.