Abdoulaye Wade

Picture of Abdoulaye Wade

Date of Birth: 05/29/1926

Age: 90

Place of birth: Saint-Louis

Nationality: Senegal


UNESCO has awarded the prize named after Houphouet-Boigny for his contribution to the world the president of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade. "The prize awarded to Abdoulaye Wade for his contribution to democracy in his country, as well as for its numerous mediation efforts in political crises and conflicts on the continent," - said the chairman of the jury of this prestigious award, Henry Kissinger. The award includes a commemorative diploma, medal and a sum of 122 thousand euros.

Abdoulaye Wade was born on May 29, 1926 in Saint-Louis, Senegal. Primary and secondary education received in France. In 1947 he received the diploma of the teacher, graduated from Teachers College, near Dakar, reputed to forge national intelligentsia personnel. Worked as a teacher. Then he continued his education in France at the Lycee Condorcet, Paris, at the Faculty of the University of Besancon and the Institute in Grenoble. Doctor of Law, Economics and Mathematics.

About 10 years he taught at the University of Dakar, was the dean of the legal and economic faculties. He then worked as a consultant vOrganizatsii African Unity (OAU). Having political activities, he was arrested more than once.

Since 1991, he held various ministerial posts. He was elected president in the 2000 elections. Wade - one of the initiators of the ambitious program "New Partnership for Africa`s Development".

Married to a Frenchwoman Vivian, their son and daughter.