Abdel Vail Zuayter

Picture of Abdel Vail Zuayter

Date of Birth: 02/01/1934

Age: 38


Zuayter born in Nablus, January 2, 1934 in the mandated Palestine. He graduated from the Faculty of Arabic literature and philosophy at the University of Baghdad. Then Zuayter moved to Libya and then to Rome, where he represented the interests of the PLO, and at the same time worked as a translator at the Embassy of Libya in Italy. Zuayter fluent in French, Italian and English. Living in Italy, Zuayter engaged in translation "Thousand and One Nights" from Arabic into Italian, it was "the work of his dreams", but could not finish the job. Zuayter had quite extensive contacts with the famous Italian writers and intellektualami.V Monday October 16, 1972 left the apartment Zuayter Janet Venn-Brown, with whom he was looking for references for writing articles about the "Thousand and One Nights", he intended to start writing an article in the same night . Zuayter with two changes on the bus got to my quarters. At the entrance of the house near the elevator agent "Mossad", called out to him, asking whether he Zuayterom. After receiving an affirmative answer, the agent 13 times at point-blank shot from a pistol at the victim. 13th shot in the book "A Thousand and One Nights." The organizer of the terrorist attack, Abu Daoud ( "Black September") states that "none of the Palestinians killed was not involved in that operation." As an example, he cites Abdel Wael Zuaytera, which, according to him was: "... the PLO representative in Rome. Philosopher, scientist, spoke five languages, was a friend of Moravia, never to bear arms. "According to some sources, Zuayter was one of the organizers of the terrorist attack and a member of a terrorist organization" Black September ", participated in the preparation of its main European operations, and that namely "he supplied a gang of murderers arms and made sure that they are not calling anybody suspicion crept into the Olympic village in Munich ...". According to the artist Emily Yasir, an American of Palestinian origin, part Zuaytera in events associated with the attack, not ustanovleno.V was until the end of the list of targets for destruction, according to the instructions of Golda Meir, were made not only directly involved in teraktv Munich, and members of the "Black September", but also "residents classified terrorist groups" .On the Venice Biennale in 2007, Emily Yasser introduced artistic and documentary installation entitled "Materials for the film," which told the story Zuaytera, presenting him as a victim of political violence. The installation used windows, screens, sound amplifiers, documents, texts and pictures. Aesthetically, the work of Emily caused a positive feedback, and the artist received the "Golden Lion". In the political sense, as it has caused mixed opinions, some saw it as a "blatant propaganda", romanticized the possible organizers of the attack.